Eight Reasons Oklahoma State Wrestling Hasn’t Won an NCAA Title since 2006

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And why Penn State has thrived.

8 very solid reasons that most Cowboy fans would not argue against. But my list of reasons overs the years has remained a shorter list, Cael Sanderson, period. Remedy all the other 7 reasons and OSU still does not win any more NCAA titles because of reason number one. John Smith is never going to out recruit Penn State. Just like no other school out recruited Myron Roderick and those coaches before him, the same can be said about Cael Sanderson. I don’t know what his magic consists of, but he has something in his bag that no other wrestling coach has. Until fairly recently I lived in the state of Pennsylvania for 27 years and was aware of some tremendous PA high school wrestlers, but PSU was never one of the top contenders for the NCAA title until Sanderson came on board, with the exception of their NCAA title in the 1950’s.
I used to write on this blog that OSU needed to hire a consultant such as J Robinson to show us how to promote the sport in order to boost attendance, since he was promotional whiz while at Minnesota. But now I realize they need to hire a consultant to teach OSU how to promote the program so it will get more notice from top recruits. We can’t rely just on getting the cream of the crop from Oklahoma high schools. Have to go more nationally. These young kids might think Cowboy greatness seems to be a thing of the very distant past and therefore our past dominance of the sport does not impress them. I have also posted in the past that our biggest chance to get back on top would be if Cale Sanderson becomes bored with winning and decides to retire or go elsewhere to build a new dynasty. We can build the flashiest new facilities but that would never be enough to get back on top. Success breeds success and we have not been successful in a long time when it comes to winning it all. I have yet to hear John Smith talk about what he thinks it would take to take for Cowboys to win another NCAA title. I just don’t see it happening any time soon. Like I have said recently, the guys on the other teams lately seem to have more powerful, stronger guys as evidenced by our guys not being able to get off bottom. But against the Jack Rabbits tonight it looked like Luke Surber certainly has been eating his Wheaties.
Carter Young really needs to beef up if he is going to reach his projected potential. Same goes for Mastro G. Tonight we saw that Sheets looks good. That happens when he is not up against a really good wrestler. This team has some noticeable weaknesses. If Mastro and A.J. are both out of the lineup now, wow, that really crushes the rest of the season.

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I would suggest, although I hate to, that perhaps John Smith’s time has passed. He’s been the head coach for over 30 years. That’s longer than Gable at Iowa. That’s a longer time than Gallagher at OSU. The other OSU coaches (Griffith, Roderick, Chesbro, Seay) averaged about 12 years in tenure. Thirty years is a long time to spend at one place. Maybe it’s time for John to retire. I know that sounds blasphemous and I’m certainly not saying it needs to happen, but I wonder if time has passed Smith and OSU by. Unfortunately, time catches up with all of us at some point.

One way or another, John will retire someday and OSU better have a plan in place for when it does or else the dynasty may end permanently.