Enemy Intro: Previewing the First Leg of OSU's 2022 Football Schedule

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Central Michigan comes in on a five-game win streak.

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The bye week after the noncon still pisses me off. Bowlsby’s parting gift of a garbage schedule on top of no rivalry weekend is just fantastic.

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What’s wrong with the bye week after the noncon?

I don’t see a problem with it this year. Since we have the defending conference champions on the road right out of the gate. I’d rather have two weeks of preparation for that game (let’s just hope there is some).

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I guess Central Michigan is going to be our toughest non-conf. game as it looks like the Sun Devils are going to be hot garbage this year.


Joy thinks when ou leaves for sec they are moving out of the state. He does understand when you were talking about Nebraska you were talking about donors.

No wonder he can’t get serious stuff.

I’m not a fan of the early bye it atleast is against Baylor.
This year is going to be wild. Most schools have atleast a new coordinator. Texas is still revamping both sides.

Do you really think OU is going to be able to dominate in the SEC like they do the Big 12? Just because Gundy almost never beats them doesn’t mean that Saban, Smart, Kelly, and Fisher won’t be able to. OU doesn’t have to recruit heavily in the state of Oklahoma.

My hope is that Gundy can use the argument to recruits he can win the Big 12 conference and make it to the CFP. That’s not going to happen with OU being in the SEC (or at least not often). Then again, you would first have to prove that you can actually win the conference.

You have a odd way of looking money. In 2000, things we different. First miles had everything the other schools had. Kids were coming to play. Miles was being paid what he was worth at that time. Everything started to change.
Gundy is being paid for what he can do plus what he has done. Look at shaw at Stanford, there still give him raise, even tho he has 11 wins in the last 3 years. Msu made a 3 year coach a top ten paid coach. His best finish is 3rd.
Compare us to the real world not joyland

I guess you have never heard the talks between me and tomato slice. I think we can make arguments for in state recruits. The deal is oklahoma only produces 5 or 6 a year. I do think oklahoma does get great numbers.
This is just like back in the day. We had higher class rankings because rankings we not nation wide. It started out of Texas. You really got to stop looking back in the past. Things were completely different.

Yep. Sounds like they have a veteran backfield and it’s the first game of the year. We should still win, but that’s a game that’s much more dangerous than if we were playing them later.


This is since 2012:

Under Shaw Stanford has won 2 NY6 bowls, appeared in 4 NY6 bowls, and won 3 Conference championships.

In that same time frame. Mike Gundy has won 1 NY6 bowl, appeared in 2 NY6 bowls, and has won 0 conference championships.

Your problem is you don’t have the capability to look beyond wins. Whether you like it or not NY6 and Conference title trophies actually mean something. That’s what draws in better recruits as well. Don’t believe me? Go ask OU, Oregon, Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, Baylor, and Michigan.

Michigan State gave Mel Tucker a raise because he went 11-2 his first year and won the Big 10 Coach of The Year. He didn’t go 4-7 in his first season.

9 Big 12 games in a row is not ideal when 8 other teams get byes closer to mid season.

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Joy you dnt even care if you make sense.
How many big 6 bowls has Texas racked up lately, their still top ten classes.

I know jug would have fired shaw by now. Shaw got help from the pervious coach. With Oregon and usc up and down.

Then we got the msu paying a guy. It’s funny the didn’t pay a guy who won 3 con titles but pay a guy who has coached 3 years.

I know you feel the need to counter, but stop. You’ve never been good. With your double standards you will never be good.

Mel Tucker went 11-2 his first year and won Big 10 Coach of The Year. Mike Gundy went 4-7 his first season and lost to Baylor. I’m sure if Gundy would’ve pulled an 11-2 in his first season he would’ve definitely gotten a larger pay raise.

Shaw has a better resume when it comes to major bowl wins and conference titles. Mike Gundy doesn’t. How has Shaw gotten help when the previous coach has been gone for 12 years?

If you don’t know how to read this have someone else do it for you.

Jim harbaugh built that team and went 12 and 1 the season before. Shaw is in the pac 12 talk about beating nobody’s.
Why do you keep saying his first year. It’s his 3rd.
Your the one cry about msu not paying your buddy. He had as many titles as tucker coached years. Your saying 1 year going 3rd in division play is why you would pay a guy 9 million.

It’s his 2nd year. The Big 10 only played half the schedule in 2020 due to COVID.

You have problems with alot of things. 7 and 6 is a winning season and he coached 3rd year.
But say 2 year with one of those a losing season makes more sense to pay a guy 9 million.
God just didn’t give you any smarts.
So we are going with 7 wins from here on out. Lol that not happening at least the next 3 season. Got a nice core of players.

He was the coach for Colorado in 2019. During the 2020 season (his first at Michigan State) the Big 10 only played 7 games. He hasn’t coached his 3rd year at MSU dumbace!!! If you don’t believe me go look it up. I could care less what he did at Colorado. Last time I checked 5 wins as a first season HC is better than 4 wins.

The fact is he won the Big 10 Coach of The Year and for some reason you can’t stand that. In a conference that sent a team to the CFP and to an NY6 bowl.

Really? The guy that can’t spell or write a coherent sentence is going to tell me I don’t have any smarts (the proper word in this sentence would be intelligence btw). The same guy that’s too stupid to go look it up for himself?

First off Joy your writing won’t get you a pilitzer.

When did I say he coached 3 years at msu. Like usaul your challenged with the English language.

Now on your double standards. Did he win the league. Did he coach and win a big 6 bowl. These are the things you say a coach needs to do to be paid. Still haven’t explained why they pay their new coach 9 million. For what you call a minor bowl. They never paid a coach that actually won titles( which you have told us many times).

You go against what you say because you dnt actually care about facts or reality.

Never, ever, ever schedule Central Michigan again.