Entire College Gameday Crew Picks OU to Win Bedlam

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Everyone’s rolling with OU.

Why would that surprise anyone? Gundy can’t win when he’s favored.

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If OSU gains one yard for every comment ar1 or Joe15 post describing their psycho obsession with Gundy, OSU will put up about twenty five hundred yards in this first quarter.

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If Gundy coaches at OSU 3 more years, we will hold the record for the most losses to one team in all of college football.

Do you blame them? OU wins every time the crew shows up for Bedlam games. When you prove six times in a row to the game day crew you can’t win then one team becomes the obvious choice.

Doesn’t surprise me one bit. OU has won every single time they’ve shown up. Why should it be any different this time?

Gundy is more than likely to kick 2,500 field goals before he gets 2,500 yards based on the offensive product we’ve seen this season.

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76-16-7 of that has nothing to do with his coaching tenure.

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I agree but the percentage has went down since he’s been the coach.

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That’s true. Gundy isn’t helping our cause one single bit, he’s hurting it actually, but bedlam has been an OSU problem not just a Gundy problem. I’m convinced we could get Nick Saban in here and we’d lose 8 out of 10 to those d bags. But that’s changing tonight! Lets let the booze turn optimism into results this year, eh? :beers:

Who holds the record? To lazy to look it up.

Nick Saban took an Alabama team that started probation in 2002 and nearly got the death penalty. Saban took Alabama to and 11-2 record his 2nd year at Bama (didn’t even have his own recruits yet).

So yeah…I’m pretty sure if we had a Nick Saban he would definitely be better than 2-13 against Oklahoma right now.

Nebraska has 91 wins over Kansas.

Thanks. I thought you meant the coach who lost the most to one opponent. I didn’t know the Nebraska thing though.

Gundy has lost more Bedlam’s than any coach in history.