Erik Pastrana Leaving OSU for Assistant Coaching Job at Florida

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One of OSU’s top recruiters is headed to Gainesville.

At the end of the day coach Pastrana didn’t seem to really provide much value as a recruiter. Good luck to him at Florida.

Do the right think and fill this vacancy with BARRY HINSON!

I have no opinion about Pastrana one way or the other since I know next to nothing about him or what he really accomplished while at OSU. What I do know is that this could be a great opportunity for the program to bring on board some up and coming or established really good coach/recruiter, with the emphasis on proven recruiter who has ties to hotbeds of good high school basketball. NYC perhaps? We need multiple McDonalds All-Americans on the roster at the same time to really advance. It’s no longer how good can we compete in the Big 12, it has to now be, how far can we advance in the NCAA tournament. It has to be a given each season that we are going to make the tournament, so now the goal has to be to advance further in the rounds. We had a golden opportunity in our region this past tournament with those upsets but could not cash in because we had no true center against the other black and orange team.

Your dreaming if you think OSU is going to get multiple McDonalds All Americans. The reality is about 5-8 programs are capable of getting multiple All Americans and we aren’t one of them. Guys that can really coach don’t need McD AA’s. Recruit good players, develop that talent and play smart. OSU has proven in the past that formula works.

Assistant coaches are recruiters and we had 0 high school players commit this year. Need an assistant that recruit.