ESPN GameDay Crew, Guest Picker Jeff Foxworthy Split on OSU-Texas

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OSU wins the tie with a slight fan vote win.

Jeff and Kirk’s picks are looking good so far :pensive:

Texas forcing Sanders to try and beat them, and so far Sanders and the inconsistent OSU offense and offensive coaching staff are making the Texas defense look like the old Nebraska Blackshirts.


Different game if OSU does not have two big dropped passes. Not on Sanders.

Yeah…this game is over. I guess Gundy, Dunn, and Sanders won’t ever figure out how to move the ball against the 106th ranked defense in the country.

This is exactly why I said this offense needs to be 10 points better every game. Texas is just stopping the run and blitzing Sanders on 3rd down. That’s it!!! And we have coaches that can’t figure out how to beat it?


So how much longer are we going to continue to accept mediocrity, and coach that screws off during the bye week, and never has his team prepared for big games when given extra time for preparation?

Wrong as usual joe.

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@joe15 6-0


You ever feel dirty after a win?

Jim knowles 6-0!

@jeff38 get in the back seat and sit next to
@joe15 and put your seatbelt on and behave.

And Gundy hired and hand picked Knowles