ESPN's GameDay Crew, Celebrity Guest Picker Lane Kiffin, Predicts OSU Win

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With a special shoutout to the GOAT.

Great to see a Cowboy getting all that love.

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Someone want to explain to me how Tech has 28 in the first half against Iowa State? And we could only score 21 against Iowa State the entire game?

It’s called gundy offense that’s how.

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Ou scored 14 and 16 against Baylor and west Virginia
U want to explain that

It’s literally like watching paint dry.

Good they were not using riley’s offense

Ou is not that good that’s how

I like how u just play that off

Baylor scored 31 against Iowa State.
Iowa scored 27 against Iowa State.
WV scored 38 against Iowa State.
Tech has 38 against Iowa State right now.

I need you to explain how a Gundy and Dunn led offense only got 21 against them.

I can break these down but the Baylor and iowa wasn’t because of offense u idiot
Our defense didn’t get 3 pics r kic I missed his kicks ur return teams didn’t get big yards

Man these two teams that we play that have no head coach are playing way better on offense. Wonder if gundy was missing for the rest of the season just how good our offense would look? :sunglasses:

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We scored 21 points and lost to a team that can’t beat WV or Tech. Tells you everything you need to know about our offensive coaching staff.

So the defense did a good enough job to get us the W and made a 4th down stop. Guess it had nothing to do with our offense failing to get down the field and score.

This chandler Morris kid scares me. Really good test for this defense.

He’s the best qb in the conference in my opinion.

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Well the D was loose in first quarter but solid through the 2nd and third so far. Morris dosent look that good. Offense has done well so far.

63 points and around 650 yards. U kill me.