Even If Both Schools Want to Continue Bedlam, There Will be Hurdles

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Both teams already have games scheduled out until at least 2036.

Unless we have to for $$$ purposes, I’d tell them to piss off.


Jarrod has it Right On! Piss Off 0-u!


Or should we say Texass University @ Norman!


Let. Bedlam. Die.


I’m still confused why everyone is so salty on OU leaving

People aren’t salty over them leaving. It’s the way in which it was done. And the fact that they followed Texas. Personally, I’m thrilled they’re leaving. They can’t get off of Ok State’s schedule fast enough for me.


Oh there’s a lot of people salty, OU football doesn’t have to be concerned about OSU’s well being and same for us with OU , personally if we can land in another power 5 I’ll be happy to get away from OU and create our own brand in another conference

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It’s a state thing

They can kick rocks

By them leaving the conference it has put us in a really bad spot. They put college football in a really bad spot. So hel yea there is a lot of salty people unless your a gooner. Hey who’s to say don’t go to the AAC conference? Nobody knows yet. Piss of ou

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I wouldn’t answer those greedy mf’ers phone call.

We could play OU if we wanted to. Gundy is too scared. Only reason he said he would coach 12 more years is because he knows he doesn’t have to worry about Bedlam any longer.

Oh is that a fact :rofl:

So we just cry about how ou put us in a bad spot and pout? Lord this is literal little brother syndrome

I’d hate to see how half of y’all reacted when ya mommas took you off her cell phone plan

Nobody has any idea how many conference games OSU will be playing by 2025. Could be as few as 7?

If we go to the aac or just play the remaining 7 team sure lat in the season we could play them. After they get beat up.
But we will be in the pac 12

Nobody crying here yo1. We could end up in the AAC conference with a bunch of low tier teams nobody knows. I guess you always liked hearing about the sec because it just means more so get ready to hear about them more. I mean your an idiot if you think this was a good move for college football LOL. Boy o boy. Maybe being a little brother might be what we are wishing were 5 years from now. It’s about football here not the gooners.

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Go get on an ou thread yo1 gooner