Evers, McCalister Not Shy about Big 12 Title Aspirations

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The Pokes haven’t made the trip to Arlington since the Big 12 championship game returned in 2017.

U have to have the players on board.

Let’s focus on Missouri State right now. One at a time.

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Every year! I wondered how long it would take.

Well that’s every big12 team for quite awhile now.

Oh I must have missed it from Kansas, Kansas State, Texas Tech, and West Virginia. You know the other schools that haven’t made it to a conference championship game since it started back.

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U were talking about the first lose. Because if not u dnt start off waiting for lose of title . I forgot who I’m taking to. U are living for osu to lose a title.

“I think we’re all to a point where we like, ‘Shoot, we wanna win something,’” McCalister said. “We want to we want to win the Big 12 championship. We got a lot of older guys here. For me and a lot of guys, it’s now or never. Obviously, you gotta beat OU. You gotta beat the top dogs in the conference. That’s our goal, to win the Big 12 championship, and I think it’s about time we did it.”

I like his enthusiasm. Now he just needs to make sure his Head Coach is on board for it.

His head coach should be saying this. If you remember in 2011 the team would end practice saying big twelve champs whith the coaches and have not seen that since. All starts with the confidence of the coaches and making the team believe.

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You can see the difference between coach boynton and coach gundy and it’s very drastic. Now boynton has yet to win a championship but but I see a few in his future.

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