Everything Cade Cunningham Said after His First Game

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Cade’s comments after Game 1.

Sounds like a smart guy.

It will be interesting comparing how Cade judged his performance compared to what Boynton said about him. But from my perception just as a fan, I would say Cade critiqued his performance accurately. What applies to him also applies to the whole team. They have to be coached how to break thru the perimeter of the zone as the color commentator kept mentioning. Maybe Fran can just call Boynton to share how to go about coaching that? As I said yesterday, I would not come away with too many conclusions based on a first game. But refreshing to see a more talented roster finally. A super star who does not have to do it alone. Surrounded by skilled players. Which player was that who was limping during the game?

A plus, Cade showed that he can take over when he wants to. That’ll be big if we need a spark down the road. A negative, we still didn’t really run any sort of offense. Just kinda stood around and took turns going one on one hoping someone would come open. That’s killed them the past 2-3 years.