Ex 5 star

Antonio alfano is going to icc.
Sounds like he has problems, been at Alabama and cu.
Hasnt played for either. If he can get some things together in independence, be nice to go after.
Defensive tackle.

It’s not the players that’s the problem, it’s the coach.

So saban has a problem?

Nah I’m sure it’s Gundy’s fault somehow.


How many of the other teams in the conference have to play in the conference championship game before Gundy bares some responsibility? K State’s coach has as many wins against OU as Gundy does in 16 years.
I’m glad you and your buddies are content with never playing for the conference championship.

Ar0 i have heard u cry this same chit since I meet u.
Has nothing to do with this post at all.
I really dnt get why u have to pull a rainman act ( or is it) 247. U can say u chit a million times I’m not with u.

As to this post gundy has nothing to do with this kid.
Thats why were ask what u talking about.
Since he is going to indy we may keep an eye on him.
So have a great day idiot.

Wait a minute u have told us many of times our plays are the problem. Been walkons 2 stars 3stars.
Do I need to remind of the nice things u have said about our players

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K state’s coach also has zero wins against OSU. Campbell has 1. It’s all a random, partially inexplainable cycle that occurs across the country. KSU has only beaten OSU 4 times since Gundy took over, but finds a way to beat OU fairly regularly by OU’s standards. OSU can’t beat OU, but beats KSU mostly every year. Same with ISU, they beat OU fairly often but usually can’t ever figure out a way to beat us. Baylor is in OSU’ boat, they have all of these successful seasons but have only ever beaten Ou 3 times. Super annoying that Gundy always craps the bed against OU, but you can’t use schools as an example in an attempt to discredit Gundy when those same coaches can’t figure out a way to beat Gundy.

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This was a simple post about a possible recurit. Going to icc. Got hijacked by ar0. Got to love the lil gurl.

5 teams have played in a conference championship game since 2017. Gundy may figure out how to beat all of them except OU but that’s not the goal. Half the conference seems to understand the goal is to play for a conference championship. Gundy hasn’t made it yet and I don’t see anything to make me think he’ll be any closer this year or in the next 3 or 4. He’s had better offenses (2017)and better or just as good defenses (2013) and didn’t finish in the top two either time. I guess the only hope is the rest of the conference will go on probation, then Gundy might have a chance.

Not arguing with your point, just how you were getting there. You’re right, he’s underperformed most seasons since ‘11. Of course losing to OU every year sucks, but that’s not what’s keeping us from title games. It’s the inexplicable ability to lose to at least one vastly inferior team every single season. Literally, every single season. I cannot remember the last time we played a season and didn’t lose to a team that was worse than us. In almost every single season since 2011, if we don’t lose a game to a much worse team than us we make the title game. We have had real good offenses, we have had real good defenses, and we’ve had real good coaches. But we haven’t had a year where we had all 3 at once in the same season. Which is super annoying because we’re consistently “good” more than any other team in the conference other than OU.

Dang, it really is almost every year that we have a chance we lose to a bad team. Its pretty consistent. 2013, don’t lose to WVU team and you make the title game. 2016, don’t lose to Baylor and you’re in. 2017, don’t lose to TCU and you’re in. 2020, don’t lose to TCU and you’re probably in. 2015 is really the only year where they didn’t, they lost to Baylor and OU who were both dominant that year, and I honestly don’t even think we were that great in 2015, just got lucky a bunch.

Its about match ups and staying health.
Osu is not the only one who loses those types of games ou lost 2 last year.
Every year ou has a lose in con.
Tech lost to ku 2019.
Ou lost to us.
Any one are we talking preseason on betting.
I’m going to say this and I know ar0 answer.
2018 we beat 3 teams that we favored over us.
The big 22 is not like the other leagues. Yes we always have ku. But were are competitive with the top 5 teams each year. Go compare the leagues and who goes undefeated.

Baylor has a brand new stadium not a 15 year old paint job.

Still crying I see
Grow some. Ur a big boy now.

In 2017 we got the 2 for 1 special. Lost 2 inexcusable games at home to TCU and KSU.

Worst part is we were so talented that year. I still can’t believe we were a dropped INT away from B12 champs with Chelf, Roland, and Tracy Moore but had a huge letdown of a season with Rudolph, Hill, and Washington. And the competition was better in 2013 IMO.

We have had a few chokes over the years with bedlam.
Its so sad.

It’s tough to call any bedlam loss a “choke” because Ou is always the best team in the conference every single year over and over again. I think our version of “choke” against them is just not showing up at all. Of course I still think we lose the game regardless, but I’d be interested to see how that game last season would have went if Ou didn’t cancel on us when it was originally scheduled. We were playing a lot better, and they were playing a lot worse at that point. Then they got Ronnie Perkins and Stevenson back during the period between them canceling and us actually playing them, and by that point OU had hit their stride with their best players back and Perkins single handedly completely changed the entire flow of that game. OSU could do nothing to stop him and it destroyed our offense. Wonder what the game would have looked like if Ou didn’t have them.

Well I never look at those things.i mean we could have been playing them late. I know what u mean tho. But we have had r moments . Dropped pic. Missed extra point pass going through a guys hands.
I do total agree with the always have the better players.