Fan survey results

Happy game week! The survey results are ready…enjoy.


Great stuff @okcdave!

I disagree that starting Cate for the Colorado game was the wrong call, and pulling him at halftime wasn’t the wrong call either. Cate was a 4* QB that practiced better than Weeden, a 26 year old walk on. Cate got his shot, didn’t perform, and Weeden was given his shot. It’s easy to look back at that as a bad call because Weeden ended up being our GOAT QB… but at the time there’s no way anybody could’ve known that.

Rolling with Z-Rob for Bedlam… that was complicated. Z-Rob said he could roll, so he was given benefit of the doubt, which he had earned because he was our GOAT QB until Weeden took the title. Should Gundy have pulled Robinson after that first half? Yes.

I don’t really think you can mark those downs as just downright maliciously awful decisions by Gundy at the time they were made. They were correct at the time.


My biggest takeaway from this survey is that in 2011 OSU fans believed there were 7 (!!!) gimme wins. That is over half of the schedule! That means we were over 85% confident we were going to beat a bowl eligible team… Holy crap were we confident in that 2011 team or what (and rightfully so because they were unstoppable).

Crazy that even in the Rudolph era we never believe there were more than 4 gimme wins. Rudolph and his teams were good, but I never felt confident in those teams like I did for that 2011 team and that stat right there shows it.

Also you’re right that confidence against OU is at an all-time low. That 2017 game broke me… I remember watching that last play and seeing Tyron had the defender beat. When Rudolph overthrew him and the ball hit the ground it broke me. In that exact moment I accepted that OU will just always beat us regardless of who’s better. Im broken and it sucks haha

isn’t that wild? Would love to have that kind of confidence in another team soon.

I think it’s pretty telling that there is a significant amount of optimism about the basketball program and a steadily-decreasing hope in the football program and it all comes down to who is in charge. A bright, vibrant coach who shows insane passion for the university (handing out doughnuts on the first day of class - killer) and aims for the stars in recruiting is going to - and should - receive a lot more leeway and hope even when there are misses and failures as opposed to, well, the opposite.

Y’all are severely underrating Neal Brown.

It’s awesome you do this every year, thank you. Always well done and provides a lot of information and insight to what the crowd is thinking.