Few Teams Better than Oklahoma State Over Last 10 Years

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The winning percentages here are pretty impressive.

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How many games in the last 10 years have we played against the teams on the list compared to the number of games they have played against teams on the list.
Example in the last 5 years:
Oklahoma State besides Oklahoma they’ve played Boise State once.

Oklahoma besides Okstate they’ve played Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State (twice), LSU and Georgia.

Wisconsin besides Iowa every year they’ve played Michigan (4 times), Ohio State (4 times),Penn State (twice), LSU and Alabama.

We’re consistently around Stanford, Notre Dame and Florida (over the last 5 and 10 years) by theses numbers, but I would say by poll numbers too (without checking).

This was a pipe dream before Gundy, so y’all please stay off his back. My man has brought this program to a level most of us couldn’t even dream about.

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Yep, all those wins without taking on any real competition except OU. (Who Gundy couldn’t beat in a dream. )

Who has Stanford and Notre Dame played? Compared with Baylor, OU, and Texas (even though they’ve never lived up to their preseason hype). Stanford has Oregon, Washington, and USC (but I wouldn’t put them above the other 3 over the last 5-10 years). Notre Dame plays Stanford, USC and Michigan, but name the last time any of those 3 lived up to their name.

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Don’t you have a bridge to hide under?

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He can’t. He’s too busy moving the goal posts of his argument. :rofl:


Notre Dame 2019 Georgia and Michigan
2018 Michigan and Clemson
2017 Georgia and LSU
2016 Texas but they didn’t make the list. 2015 Clemson and Ohio State and Texas but they still don’t count.

That’s only using Teams on the 5 year list. If you want to compare us to a team, better use Memphis (they don’t play anyone on the list either. )