Film Look: Breaking Down OSU 2020 Recruit Shane Illingworth

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A deep dive into the game of OSU’s next QB in waiting.

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The plays I’ve seen from him,he looks like a Weeden 2.0,he’s a pocket passer that can throw the deep ball. So I hope he comes in has a full off season with coach Glass,& can have time to learn the play book,& have a chance to start with Wallace coming back. GO POKES,& Welcome to Cowboy Nation Shane


It will be awesome if we can see him compete in the Spring game

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Once again Dustin … NICE JOB on the film study.
It does look like we have a nice QB coming in. He looks to have plenty of arm strength and his decision making abilities are there as a HS player. He doesn’t seem to be rattled in the pocket and with only two interceptions his senior year, he is going to do great at oSu.
So my question is kind of out there because it hasn’t happened. What if Gunner decides to come to oSu. That will be a whole different can of worms. There is no doubt that Gunner will be a D-1 QB. My hopes are he goes somewhere and gets his 15 games of experience before coming to oSu. I do believe he will play at oSu at some point.

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Dude looks pretty salty. It’ll be great to have him in the fold…a year in the Glass Factory, hopefully, sitting behind a healthy Heisman contender for a year or two…and look out! Welcome to The Family!

I like to imagine illingworth coming in and replacing Sanders as Qb1 next year. Not because I don’t believe in Sanders, but because I hope illingworth is just better. Sanders did drop the ball a few times this year (literally). But imagine if Sanders is the floor and illingworth is the ceiling. Don’t scoff, just imagine.

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Sounds great to me

You guys saying this kid should start or you want him to start over Sanders are DELUSIONAL!

Gunnar will never start if he comes to oSu, he’ll be lucky to get some PT. If he comes next season he’s QB5. If he stays, by the time he’s a senior he’ll most likely be QB3. His best bet is if he gets an offer from Tulsa, Memphis, North Texas or a school like that.