Film Look: Offensive Takeaways from OSU's Bedlam Loss

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Cowboy Back motion and the quick passing game were two common themes in this home loss.

Love these kinds of graphics-heavy explanations! Thanks!

Great review, love these too. I actually sent in a question to Gundy on his radio show and asked why we hadn’t seen more throws over the middle this season.

Sanders was still playing and he kind of dodged the question by saying they (previous opponent) had played a Robber the whole game and so the open windows were from the hash to the sideline. I say he dodged it because he only referenced the previous game, not the season.

Not sure why, but all video or gif links showed up as “403 Forbidden”. Thought this might be the Wifi I was hooked up to, but I got the same result on my phone. Any ideas on how to see this graphics?


Yeah, I can’t see any of the graphics either. I get the 403 forbidden error as well.

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Nope, issue with whomever they’re hosting those GIFs with.

FWIW - you can see the gifs if you click on the “via GFYCAT” link.

Gifs look to be working again! Sorry about that.