Film Study: Breaking Down 2021 Grad Transfer Danny Godlevske

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A look at a potential upgrade to OSU’s 2021 offensive line.

Great article well being here for 9 months will make him even better.both his talent and his body will get better

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Should definitely be an upgrade


“upgrade at the center position from last season’s OSU squad”

So Ry was not good, but he’s trying to go to the NFL? And you mentioned at the top that Godlevske’s undersized vs. power 5 DL. I hope Glass helps him in that department and he becomes a great contributor, but immediate upgrade? Seems a stretch. I definitely hope for, and expect better line play in 21 so here’s to Godlevske being the best Center ever!

He did say potential. But he is bigger then Roy. Coming in January with glass. Then Dickey gets him. So its there.

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