Film Study: Breaking Down 2021 Signee Blaine Green

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Looking at Green’s route running, hands and blocking ability.

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I noticed from the film there is rarely any passes across the middle. Looks like they’ll fit perfectly in this Mike Gundy led offense.

Gundy’s play book…go long!

He stole my play book from when I played in the neighborhood with the boys😡. Sneaky mullet.

Ur probably still the hero in the neighborhood.

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Joe really ur jr high team didnt even pass

I don’t care about hearing how good a kid is or how he is a diamond in the rough or how he is an under the radar kid or that everybody wanted him and he picked us, because the mullet has killed the anticipation of recruiting and the anticipation of thinking how he can help right away ext. Sucks. That’s why when recruiting news is the topic most of us talk about gundy instead of the kid the article is referring too because we know what’s coming we know none of these kids will play a significant role till he is a jr. we know he will be underused.In other words WE WOKE!

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Well when you young you don’t make it complicated but when you’ve played collage football and have coached D-1 for over 16 years there is no excuse lol

Nice rant.

Thanks bro

What the heck. U think u played d1 ball

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Like usually great article. I do like his hands and running thur tackles. I really like his athleticism to go get the ball


Sand lot

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Good movie

Isn’t this the time of nite u start talking about the rumor ur daughter heard from hear bf

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Why do you read it then Just skip your happy a&& right on by it. No one wants to hear your crying about bad recruits, Gundy, blah blah

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My junior high team actually threw the ball quite a bit. We would especially throw it over the middle to our big TE because nobody could stop it. Gundy could learn a thing or two from some junior high coaches I suppose.

He didn’t say the recruits were bad. All he said is they are going to be indoctrinated into the Mike Gundy offense. Which would be:

1st down- Run up the gut

2nd down- Throw towards the sideline or run up the gut again

3rd down- delayed HB draw or Bomb it deep

4th down- punt the ball

Yea won 8 games this year doing that. Lots of teams would love to win 7 :joy::joy: so are you jeffys new spokesman :crazy_face: hope you 4 are snug in this cold weather :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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