Film Study: Breaking Down OSU's Offense against WVU

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Dustin Ragusa dives deep into what he saw from OSU’s offense against the Mountaineers.

Watching this OL gets frustrating. I also have to keep in the back of my mind some of these guys shouldn’t be starting.

  1. On the run play where Hubbard got a 5 yard gain you can see Hunter Woodard get drove 5 yards backwards off the line of scrimmage, and Josh Sills whiffs his block and barely touches anyone. Chuba is so fast though he’s able to make it past the line of scrimmage.

  2. On one of the pass plays to Wallace if you watch the left side of the OL I can’t tell who the left tackle is, but he can’t close off the edge rusher, and had Illingworth held onto that ball for another second he probably would have been sacked.

We should really utilize the diamond formation more in my opinion. You can get creative and run a variety of plays from it. I mean…we did get a 66 yard touchdown run from it.

Sanders shouldn’t play Saturday unless he’s 110%. If he’s 99.8% healthy, sit him. There’s one pro to playing him, and that’s experience. Other than that, there’s numerous pros to playing Shane over Sanders. No point in risking further injury to Spencer. Plus, you get some more experience for Shane just in case you do need him later this year, and we do not need sanders for Kansas. It’s harder for Shane to put up big numbers if the offense is being forced to eliminate 2-3 potential receivers for blocking purposes, but I feel like he was tremendous Saturday. He made one mistake, but other than that his decision making, footwork in the pocket, and accuracy were all impressive. Even more impressive considering on most of his passing plays he only had 2-3 options, where most big 12 QBs have 4-5. Definitely didn’t look like a freshman. I wish stoner would have came down with that first deep ball, Shane put that thing on the money.

We do need to see sanders in. The blocking scheme won’t change who’s at qb. I want to see this improved sanders. And he needs game reps before Baylor. Shane needs more reps too, and is a better passer. Sanders reminds me of Bobby so Shane will be need alot. If sanders can’t hit the long pass and read 2nd and 3rd reads Shane will be starter next year.