Film Study: Breaking Down the OSU Defense against KU

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It wasn’t the greatest competition, but the Pokes dominated KU’s offense.

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Nice article, but you could have saved a world of
Time Dustin. All you had to do was write the title, hit enter a few times, and then type “they played Kansas.” Then hit send. That woulda sufficed.

I’m interested to see who’s tasked with guarding Kolar Saturday. I felt like last year we were in position on every single passing play they had all day long, and they kept moving the ball because kolar was simply bigger than anyone we put on him and would go up over the defender. If they can shut down the TEs, they’ll dominate.



The one thing that is really standing out to me so far is the gap control by the front 7. Even when bringing good pressure they are maintaining their gaps. Second would be the coverage by the corners. They’ve been great so far.

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Once again a fine job by Dustin!! Thanks for all you do. You put a lot of time in it for us.

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No problem! Thanks for reading!