Film Study: OSU Offensive Takeaways Against K-State

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Oklahoma State was able to bounce back from its recent loss to Texas with a road win this past weekend in Manhattan, Kansas. It wasn’t pretty, as the Cowboys’ offense was shut out in the first half, but they rallied back in the second half to put up 13 points. The OSU defense let the Wildcats get some things going on the ground, but held KSU to only six second-half points and forced two turnovers, returning one for a score. Although it took them a little while to get going, there were some positive takeaways from the offense against KSU. I’ll discuss what those were in more detail below. Overall Scheme The Pokes came into this game with some injury issues. They were missing left tackle Jake Springfield, who was injured against UT; Tylan Wallace, who got dinged up in practice; and Chuba Hubbard and LD Brown, who were dealing with some ailments of their own. This led to offensive coordinator Kasey Dunn having to move things around, and you could tell the Pokes were not totally in sync to start this one off. It was really a tale of two halves on the offensive side of the ball. The…


Really hope and pray that the injured Olinemen are back for bedlam. If we can limit their rush, the back end of their defense is poor. But they have the best D line in the league, and that’s been our Achilles hill all season. Tulsa’s 2 headed monster DLs ate our line up. The brothers from WVU ate our line up. We had a really good passing scheme against Texas but their DLine ate up our rushing attack, and Kansas state obliterated our OLine. None of those teams have as good of a front 4 as OU does. I’m not worried about the defense. No one will stop Ou, but our defense can certainly slow them down. I’m not worried about the back end of OU’s defense, as long as we can protect Sanders. The game next week will be won or lost in the trenches, both offensively and defensively. We have to limit their running game, and find a way to stop sucking so bad with ours.

It was interesting to see Presley on the field and in the end zone. However, is there a reason we didn’t see some either of the transfer receivers? Seems like with no Wallace that Anderson and Martin would have had a shot to get some snaps and provide some offensive umfph. But Wolf (a walkon) and Presley (undersized freshman) are apparently better options?

Give Wolf more credit. He was a walk on a long time ago, and that doesn’t discredit his abilities. He’s had a nice career. Blake Jarwin would have an issue with the “walk on” knock.

I wasn’t trying to knock Wolf. He does an excellent job and is a SR. I am just trying to make the case (poorly) that we “should” be stacked at receiver and our best options were not the highest rated recruits and also, ask the question of, is Martin or Dee Anderson any good? I meant no disrespect to Wolf or to walk-ons, or freshman.

I really like this segment. I listen on radio, so let’s me see plays

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About Dee and Martin they are being left in 11 and12 personal play which we play more now. Presley is bumping them to. I would think taller reciever would be better targets for sanders​:upside_down_face::woozy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Ahh I see, sorry for misunderstanding. From what I understand, Martin didn’t travel. I may be wrong on that. It may be as simple as them not fitting in the system, I’m not sure. Then again, with how poorly the line played Saturday I’m not too sure deondre Hopkins could have gone in there and put up more than 20-30 receiving yards lol. Sanders had zero time to do anything with the ball most of the day. There were a whole lot of quick curls called due to lack of drop back time. I also think Presley will be the next big thing for us. Maybe not a big outside threat like Wallace or Washington, but he is an elite athlete and will be big for us in the slot. He and is brother both are extremely talented.

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On those 2 underneath of wolf were fine. One the first a flare to Presley would left him 1on1 with stoner blocking down field the second if thrown early he could have been running forward. Looked like those would been open. Sanders still eyes reciever stay with one target and holds ball. One way of helping line is throw faster

That’s fair, sanders choses his throw before the snap way too often.

Honestly the game was hard to watch. But the more I think about it it, if at the start of the season someone said “OSU will have to go into Manhattan without their 2 best offensive players, 80% of their OLine, or their best defensive player and play against a KSU team that is tied for first in the conference in a game that is sandwiched between Texas and OU” I would probably be giddy that we won. I guess that’s a silver lining.

I wish we had 80% of are line. But it was a great win

Even if knowing that k-stat was playing with a back up quarterback and we have the best defense in the league and ou and Texas both already have two losses? I would still be pissed sorry osu grad.

Not to mention K State had several players enter the transfer portal as well. Let’s just forget about those facts though. Why people continue to settle for less is beyond me. Going from an actual conference contender to conference pretender all the while continuing to give a man increasing wages for poorer future progressions. Crazy how people don’t see the reality of the situation.

I sure u got that from, but the 8 in portal went even playing this yr and I think only 1 has ever played. The real fact is Skylar was injured before the tcu and Killmen forced him to play that’s why they played a back up.

OSU always seems to have good talent at the WR corp. I don’t understand why we only ever seem to use one of them per year though? Wallace is only go to receiver, until he’s gone and then someone else will step up and be all american level. I know this is true, because it always is. Washington, Blackmon, Bryant. We can get one great one, and have the next on the team maybe even, but not used until the one before them is gone.

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We have had 2 1000yd guys one yr. But it seem like it more this yr with not great qb play. But, most school will have 1 go to guy.

Exactly right, looks like we should have thrown to Tyron Johnson a few more times while he was here. But who could have known that except anyone who can count stars. According to Gundy he just didn’t take football seriously till his last year. That’s so much BS, you don’t get 4 or 5 stars without taking football seriously.

I think that was more of a Cornelius issue than anything else. He really didn’t go through progressions at all. I really wasn’t impressed with him as a qb.