Film Study: Sean Gleeson's Buck Sweep and How OSU Uses it to Free Chuba

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Former offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson brough the Buck Sweep from Princeton to Stillwater.

@dustinragusa24, with last year being the first for Gleeson and Dickey, how much of the running game scheming do you think should be attributed to each? Just curious since Gleeson is gone and Dickey still on staff.

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I wrote about some of the similarities between the Gleeson Princeton offenses and the K-State offense with Dickey on staff there -

To answer your question, I think Dickey was familiar with the blocking schemes for a lot of the stuff that Gleeson added to the OSU play calling in the running game. I would assume both were heavily involved in the scheming. That being said, I think we may continue to see a good chunk of the β€œnew” things we saw last year again this season.

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