Fire Mike Boynton Thread

Some one who can carry the recruiting mantle of Boynton, but a better offensive coach. Also get help when he is struggling at a department instead of running it back.

This is pointless. MB isn’t going anywhere this year. They will wait until scholarship reductions are done. And I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they waited another year after that unless MB completely tanks (like misses NIT even). They will factor in his recruitment classes, likability, and “being overly fair” so the NCAA sanctions aren’t used as an excuse.


Fairleigh Dickinson’s guy
Providence’s coach
Louisiana’s coach

Highly doubt he’d leave but this is a good choice.

Depends if he wants to be the guy or not.

Kyle Keller will get a look. Alumni, spent 9 years as an OSU assistant, and current head coach at Stephen F Austin

I could see him taking over for Few. If we could get him then do it tomorrow.

I guarantee you beyond a shadow of a doubt that if things don’t turn around quickly this year, Mike Boynton will not be the head coach at Oklahoma State beyond March of 2024.


The swan!

I think he has 4 years left on his contract after this one. Will we pony up that amount of cash?

I don’t think so tbh, but I don’t have any insider info

We technically haven’t made the tourny only once post cade(2021 didn’t count due to ineligible)

So if we miss this year it’s two in a row

Could see them going through 2024-2025 season


I think he’s still 9th or 10th on the list of conference salaries isn’t he? Buyout would be around 12 million. He typically kinda turns things around a little bit as the year goes on (turns us from a complete embarrassment to at least a decent NIT team) but we can’t keep doing that over and over again every single year on repeat. And the only way we can make the tourney now is with a wildly good conference run. We already have two losses that will linger over our head if we end up on the bubble and we’re only 3 games in. We will almost definitely have more than that before non con is over. He might get another year if he does that again, but if he finishes 12th-14th in the league I can’t see them dragging him along again for another year.

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I’ve been hopeful Boynton would be our Scott Drew, but it’s just not happening.


His buyout is 9.5 million dollars
I don’t think he’s leaving.


I don’t think that’s too much in this day and age. I just don’t know if we have the boosters that card enough to fund it.

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I’d be more hopeful if I wasn’t watching the same issues every year regardless of personnel.
Same bad shooting
Same bad FT
Same offensive slumps
Same low basketball IQ

Keep moving the goalposts to give him excuses for these each season, but it’s the same problem. Fixing even one of these would make me feel like things are moving in the right direction.

I love the guy as an ambassador and add an assistant who can recruit, but as a head guy he doesn’t seem like he’s it.


I’d love it if he stayed as an assistant,

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Can we hire a new offensive coordinator?