Five Notes from Oklahoma State’s Wrestling Roster Updates

Originally published at: Five Notes from Oklahoma State’s Wrestling Roster Updates | Pistols Firing

Who is gone, and who is STILL at Oklahoma State.

I wonder what was behind the Taco transfer to ASU??

Not great news

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As to Taco’s transfer to ASU, my guess is he knew he could not beat Haas and wanted to start somewhere.

This looks bad.


Im with you brother


I’m not expecting much next season, but there are some really good wrestlers on the team that will be worth watching. Just not enough of them.
I too think that Montalvo left because of Haas. I would like for Taco to be fully healed and to be a place winner at the NCAA tournament. ASU has slowly been trying to rebuild the program.


I am an OSU fan so I am going to paint the happy picture, even if a reach.

OSU had 2 guys injured that likely would have placed if healthy. Wittlake at 165 and Mastro at 125. So if healthy you have 4 AA, as Fix and Plott will place.

Haas and Vionovich were top recruits and had great redshirt seasons. So decent chance they AA.

Carter beat 2 former national champs before he came to OSU. Wrestled up a weight last season and was overpowered, but still showed flashes. Maybe he comes back stronger and after a year starting under his belt he lives up to billing.

Surber improved a ton in Feb/March last year. If he can move to 197 where he is not overpowered, he might be able to make noise at 197.

157 to me is biggest question. Not sure Sheets starts.

So while OSU doesn’t have the very top guys PSU does, they have a lot of possible AA.