Five QB Options to Watch After OSU Loses Out on Brennan Armstrong

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Could OSU address QB with one of these guys?

Their looking for a 1 year qb. That takes 3 of them out.

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None of these guys are close to what Sanders is.

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Of the five listed, I’d go with the guy out of Boise State.


I wouldn’t take a QB in the portal. I would go with our young qbs probably Rangel. Rangel had 4 TDs and 5 picks this year. 2 of his picks were in the first quarter of his first start. Rangel did not have a run game to help him this year which made play calling predictable. The WVU was played in the pouring rain. Let him go through spring practice and 7on7 this summer and get most of the reps in the fall and see how much he can improve. Next year appears as a big rebuild for OSU. Fans won’t like it, but we could be near the bottom of the league.


Grayson McCall???

McCall withdrew from the portal right after Coastal’s bowl game


So you’re saying go into the 23’ season with an Oline that was bad, with only 1 scholarship QB on the roster who has taken a snap? The Cowboys had to play 3 QB’s this year. Every program has 2 guys that have to take legitimate game snaps at some and rather than finding a guy in the portal…….you’ll go with 170lb Rangel, walk-on Gundy coming off of surgery and a true Freshman?!?!?! That sounds like a really, really bad idea

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I like the Boise guy if we go after a portal QB. He could be another Jaylen Warren type guy. Has a ton of experience.


I’m more optimistic about the OLine this year. 3 or 4 of the starters last year had offseason shoulder surgery and missed the spring and a lot of the summer. they were just getting back to speed about the time fall camp started. None of those guys will miss spring ball or summer workouts this year.

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I’d just as soon do that as take any of these options. Not much left in portal (qb wise). Might as well roll with the youngsters.


I’ll take number 4 or 5 if I had to. I think personally we should just rebuild and develop chemistry. Get the o’line woes taken care of we can win games with an average QB. Corndog was a great example, if we would had a good defense no telling how much better that season would had been. I don’t know if we can make this offense solid for a experienced rental QB and change the scheme to make a deep run in one season. I feel a lot needs fixed on offense.

This whole QB situation really sucks and I kind of view it as self inflected. At the beginning of the season lots of people thought that this would be Sanders last year, although for a different reason, and surely the coaches/staff had similar thinking. So I wonder what the coaches/staff were planning to do about it? Were they thinking that Rangel/Gundy would be better than they turned out to be? Did they think they could get a portal QB easy peezy? Did they think it through at all? Inquiring minds would like to know.


3 things in Stillwater are certain- #1 online will suck. #2 online will suck. #3 online will suck.

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My rant for the day, that scheme and game planning needs to go. Maybe I’m still old school a bit but you don’t need to rely on the vertical pass to open the run game up. There’s the option, play action, wr screens, and swing passes for that. You could get pretty creative. I really liked KU and TCUs schemes. It sorta reminded me of our old offense. If you can’t hit any of the 7 back to back deep passes it ain’t happening sweetheart.

Telling Sanders he can’t come back is probably at the top of the dumbest things that’s come from this coaching staff this season.

Is there been concrete evidence that gundy told Spencer to go fly a kite because he went in the portal?

It’s what the somewhat in the know twitter accounts are saying and based on the fact he hasn’t transferred anywhere yet I’d believe it to be true.

It just shows you why gundy is what he will always be and that’s not a championship coach. He can’t get out of his own hard headed way. Just like he continues to tell the fans there’s nothing to worry about that the football program is in better shape than it ever has been while we watch with our own eyes nothing getting better. This guy couldn’t be further removed from reality. Maybe Roberto is further away by a very slim margin.


I’ve failed to gain any factual evidence that this actually happened, just a lot of folks making statements as if they were facts. But what if Gundy really did say no? Could he have had good reasons for doing so? Maybe Sanders was being a prima donna, holding the staff hostage by deciding when to play or not and Gundy judged that wasn’t something that was good for the team going forward. Not saying this is the situation but just that the possibility is there. In the end none of us knows for sure.