Five-star Greg Brown's Father Likes Idea of Pairing Son with Cade Cunningham

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Oh. Oh my.

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Greg Brown is an absolute Winner! I’m praying this can happen for our Cowboys.


lord have mercy …


So if (and that’s a big if) both Donovan Williams and Greg Brown were to commit to OSU:

  1. Who would be the odd man out?
  2. What would our recruiting ranking for the 2020 class be?
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Both cant commit to us


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If Greg Brown wants to play for us, room will be made. That’s non-negotiable.


why has greg brown not already commited somewhere?

He just wanted to take it slow and steady. Sort of like JT Thor or other guys who don’t sign in the early period.

Well only way is calling flavors and being like sorry dude

dear 8lb 3oz baby jesus, please make this happen

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If Pena doesn’t qualify academically, then this could work