Five-Star MJ Rice, Four-Star Anthony Black Visiting Oklahoma State

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And another five star is visiting this weekend.

How many 5☆ will Boynton have landed before Gundy goes away?

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It’s good to see the high recurits coming to visit. But. Haven’t actually land any beside cade.

The highly ranked recruits nibble at the orange bait but they don’t swallow.
Most likely because OSU is not a blue blood. 1945-1946 success is long gone and might not mean much to any of these kids. I think Boynton will be able to land some top recruits just as soon as OSU can make it to at least the Elite 8.
Until then it’s, “we love the warm fuzzies that you give us coach Boynton, but I want to play for a powerhouse program destined to contend for the NCAA title rather than just playing for a great personality.”

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