Five Storylines for OSU’s Duals with Iowa State and Northern Iowa

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Seth shares his thoughts on OSU’s weekend road trip.

We will find out what the team is made of. Good article. Need to get brock back to health. It’s weird he traveled last week I thought he weighed in

Brock might have reinjured himself recently in practice or he never fully recovered yet.
This team is now looking like it caught the bug from the football team. What was on paper before the season looking like a great team has now become an injury riddled team. We can’t afford to now have 4 weak weights.133, 141, 157, and heavyweight. I say heavyweight because if Harris is outweighed by too much he does not stand a chance. No Kaid Brock and no Sheets is a lot of points to give up. If they are being held back until the Big 12 tournament then they will be in condition anyway. But some help is on the way with Daton Fix being able to compete in Feb. But when he comes back we still have 141,157, and heavyweight as weak weights in terms of potential points. That is assuming Kaid Brock and Sheets can’t come back. So for the NCAA tournament without those now injured guys we go from a top 5 contender to a top ten contender. OSU athletics overall is in contention for winning the trophy that goes to the school with the most bad luck. Football team injuries, Cade being injured, and now wrestling injuries.

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