Five Things to Know as OSU Looks to Take Down Sooners in First Bedlam Clash of Season

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Here’s what you need to know for Bedlam basketball.

Six hours later and I’m the first to comment. Speaks loudly about the meh-ness of this ball club.

I like Boynton. I like our talent. I like that we play hard.

I hate how much we foul. I hate our dysfunctional offensive sets (what are we trying to do, anyway?). And I hate that, with all our athletic skills, putting a round object through a larger round hoop does not seem to be our (Phil) forte’!


This is the weakest scoring team I’ve seen in years for us. Boynton says they hit 3’s in practice
They sure don’t show any cohesion on offense. I can add to your list the sloppy arse ball handling is just bad. Time to start a new trend tonight


I was going to comment earlier but decided that I had nothing good to say so I just decided to not say anything.


Defense has been playing well outside of the stupid fouls on the 3. Only 3 turnover is good too. How the f#ck is it possible to be this bad at shooting the ball?? Seriously. It’s impressive how inept the entire team is at shooting.

Wow a great start to the second half. Didn’t see that coming to be quite honest.

Goddamn we needed that