Five Things to Watch at OSU's Spring Football Game

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Here’s what we’re amped to learn more about.

Playcalling for me. Will Gundy turn Dunn loose or not? My guess is…no.

If Sanders actually is ready he will

I agree with some of your stuff, I thought u mite be sane.
If u think gundy or dunn have closed the play book for any other reason then the qb u mite need to get in the group therapy with joe and ar0.
It was just in 2018 ( pre Sanders) we passed for 300/game 500 total 38 scored/ game. We still had good backs and recievers soooooo.

I also think you limit a playbook so you don’t give future opponents too much info against you. If you are limiting a playbook for any other reason, that’s dumb. If the QB can’t run the offense, find one that can. Not saying that’s the case here. Just giving an example. If said QB is the best option, then tweak the offense to suit his strengths. Either adjust the offense for the QB, or adjust the QB to the offense. Whatever it takes to put up the points necessary to score a ton of points and limit dumb turnovers.

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Yes a better qb is need, or one to step up. Thatz been my whole point. Its not the nfl u can’t go to the grocery store mid season. Both qb were doing bad things. Hope its better.
Our play book has been seen by all in the big 12. We dnt hide play. We may run different plays depend on the D.

I did see something Sanders was work on late. Like pump fakes.

Sounds like a problem with coaching or recruiting.

Ur rite its not every day u fine a corndog

Thank goodness because 3-6 sucks.

If u think corndog would have went 3 and 6 last year u really have lost it

All we got is his results to go on. 6 out of 9 times he had a L.

@robert28 did Corndog beat Kansas, cause it seems like everyone in the conference was beating him?

Oh your rite there buddy. That fits ur agenda well.
Throw a top 90 defense and a kicker missed thre kicks.
4 games lost 7. So a lil better defense, I’m not even talk ing a defense like we have now. Because 2 games could have been won by the kicker.
This the last time I go thru this with u have agenda.
Keep ur lies to urself tho.
The whole thing is u want gundy gone and thats not happening. So, what u say is really pointless. I win every day

I’m sure he got a participation ribbon. What more does he deserve since he lost?

Does anyone know if Gundy plans to to hang a banner celebrating the win today? I’ve heard Gundy was always wanting to hang banners and Holder was against it.

U know why everyone thinks ur an ou troll? Its because u have nothing good to say.
We know ur attitude toward gundy so no matter what happens ur not get that. So enjoy the team till ur wish is granted.
Do u know what rainman means. U repeat the same chit. I really dnt need u to answer I already know it.
U and Joey are the only 2 that do that. The other haters at least interact about stuff.

If thats how u feel about corndog then u have a very simple cause and effect going on. Rainman does fit quite well

I’m an excellent driver.

That would be rider. Just because ur horse knows where he is going