Five Things to Watch at the Big 12 Wrestling Tournament

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Can the Pokes make it nine straight?

I think they can we r weak but so is the big 12

Were leading but long way to go

I say again, should Wyatt Sheets and Dustin Plott even be wrestling with their injuries? I know John Smith is extremely competitive but both those guys are obviously hampered and I think they would be better off for the future of their career to be allowed to heal instead of aggravating their respective injuries. Interesting choice for announcing team by ESPN. I wish it could have been LeRoy Smith and J Carl Guymon doing the tournament. Hardell and David seem too interested in exchanging stories at the expense of describing the action. After today’s rounds I listened to part one of the 7 part Smith family audio interview. I had no idea that after Myron Roderick fired Tommy Chesbro he then called Dan Gable and threw a lot of money his way to take the OSU job. Gable said it was offer you just could not refuse but he talked it over with is family and they decided against it. As far as Tommy Chesbro only winning one NCAA team championship, Roderick has only himself to blame for that because he retired at an early age because he wanted to head the handball or racquetball national association and he wanted more time to spend with his quarter horse business. Strange priorities.

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After today’s disappointing rounds it looks like OSU will not get 9th conference championship in a row. Wyoming is looking like they might be be the champs. Of course, we could beat every conference team in a dual but with key injuries and upsets today we don’t look like a championship team. Start all over next season with a healthy lineup. AJ and Fix looked great today. Lots of offense from AJ in his final bout of the day. The Big 12 is not weak. Some of the teams have really improved. I don’t like seeing Wyoming using our Pistol Pete logo. But Mike Holder decided not to take legal action to prevent it.

Oklahoma in the lead so yes not looking good.
I really had high hopes for this year. I dnt think we will end up in the top10

On paper before the season started we looked like a top 4 team. But I agree that we might not end up in the top 10. I feel very sorry for John Smith for putting together an impressive roster but the injuries just blew out all hopes for a big season. You could see how hampered Plott is with just one good shoulder and Sheets with just one good leg. Hard to win that way against good competition. The loss of Brock was devastating. So I guess we will just have to forget about team race in the NCAA tournament and instead just focus on seeing how far Fix, AJ, and Boo can advance. I was also counting on Whitlake but not after today. Same thing can be said about Geer. I think we come away with 3 All-Americans and maybe 5 if we get lucky. Plott I think won’t be able to finish the tournament because he is such a high risk for injury to shoulder. But we’ll get em next year. I wonder what they are going to do with Montalvo who showed so much potential last season but Plott will be 174 and Whittlake 184.