Five Things We Learned from OSU's 29-21 Win over Kansas State

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They say you learn more from defeat then victory. We still learned a lot.

I disagree with #1. I think Rangel gives us the best chance, especially when we stall in the red zone. If we ran more an an Air Raid offense, Bowman would be perfect, but that’s not us. We need a QB that throws a solid slant rant and deep ball, but can roll out as well.


While I’m glad to be 3-2 instead of 2-3 I’m still not going to forget to hold the entire offensive coaching staff (including Gundy) accountable for the stupid experimental display of incompetence that led to a blowout loss at home to South Bama, or a close loss to an Iowa State team that basically has no QB.


That Iowa St team with no qb just housed your new hero Sonny and his boys plus their qb went down. Nice to see you are still the same old joy.
It wasn’t perfect by any means but it was a win I didn’t expect. I don’t care if they are all ugly just so long as they keep improving and winning

Can Wright get a super senior year back since he didn’t play in 4 games ?

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The musical chairs at QB and RB were still stupid. Regardless of Iowa State’s QB situation.

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It’s still a team that’s 3-3 and scored an entire 7 points against Ohio. So now you’re going to use Iowa State as the beacon of what OSU could be?

Why wouldn’t you expect it? Gundy is the greatest coach in school history, and we’re top ten in wins since 2010. Do I sense a little doubt somewhere?

I think he can get a medical redshirt but I"m not 100% sure on that.

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All I heard from you last week was how pitiful Iowa St was. As usual you run your mouth about every negative you can find. You were sucking up to Sonny last year that he’s great blah blah. Robert and I both told you Duggan and Johnson were the difference in them being 12-0 or 6-6
Carry on joy , you’ll learn football one day

Because that was pathetic and it’s a game we should win. You don’t pay a guy top 15 pay to get blown out at home to a Sunbelt team that can’t beat Central Michigan, play musical chairs with quarterbacks, not give the ball to the best RB, lose to one of the bottom tier teams in the league, and retain one of the worst OC’s in the entire country. How many times do you want common sense repeated to you?

All you did was go on a personal attack. The fact still remains that Sonny will still have more playoff wins than Gundy ever will, and he’ll still have played for a national title more times than Gundy ever will. The difference between TCU and OSU is that TCU isn’t going to award a ridiculous rolling contract to Sonny just based on one great season over a decade. The fact they canned the longest tenured HC they ever had because they don’t want mediocrity any longer proves that point.


Just be honest about your vitriol spewage. You don’t like Gundy and it really chaps your arsewhole that an Okie is making big bucks. Putrid

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I don’t have a problem with Gundy as a person. I have a huge problem when everyone else can see the problem, and guy making 7.5 mil per year doesn’t. Arrogance and experimental stupidity has cost us two very winnable games and someone should be held accountable for that. It should not be swept under the rug just like the homers do every season. So yea….sorry if that chaps my arse just a little bit :man_shrugging:.

Who’s sweeping it under the rug?
Or is it most people aren’t don’t off-gas toxicity like a hog in the bean patch?

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I guess to see how many times you will repeat the same ole chit joy. You are hung on repeat. Hit the needle so it will find new material

Joy how quick you’re to forget Patterson had long running contracts he was given to keep him from being poached from them. You try and make the stupidest comments over and over Your man Sonny is 3-3 if you haven’t looked

Joy thinks he should be coaching and making that 7.5 million :cowboy_hat_face:

Sometimes it’s needed so we don’t forget. Sorry you don’t feel the same way.

Until you finally get it I guess. I know it’s sad, but unfortunately that’s where we are.

A coach that makes 750K a year has more common sense than to run the retarded experiments we did against South Bama. Hell!!! If you really want to know the go ask the Central Michigan coach!!!

Who was held accountable for the disaster of last season?

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What do you mean? Line up a firing squad and shoot all the players that were injured. What a moron.

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