Five Thoughts Ahead of OSU's Big 12 Tournament Opener against WVU

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The Big 12 tourney can serve as a nice rehearsal for the Big Dance.

Huggins is the real deal, he can coach. In the last game the announcers were amazed at the bad transition defense WVU played. Pretty sure that will be shored up. Even with us at full strength, this will be a war.

Agreed, seemed like Anderson kept running full speed from baseline to baseline for layups and no one would ever stop him. If they focus on that he could run into a lot of mistakes, so hopefully they find a different way to attack.

I agree, Huggins knows how to make adjustments. Cowboys will face a much different looking WVA team. There will be no run thru the conference tournament. And there is a silver lining to an early ride back to Stillwater. Players get to rest and heal and get ready for the big dance. So regardless of what happens in KC, all is good for the Pokes.

Huggins is a Fat Tub of Goo!

Ice’s FT shooting worries the bejeebers outta me. It’s almost to the point we have to take him out of the game in the final minutes if we’re nursing a lead.

The only good thing is his misses are so off-the-mark we can sometimes get an offensive rebound.