Five Thoughts on Kasey Dunn as OSU's Offensive Coordinator

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How will recruiting change? How much will he make?

#1. Hope there can be a Dunn like reversal on getting Monken back in some capacity.
#2. If coaches miss on recruits and keep their job recruiting probably won’t improve.
#3. Worst part of last season was play calling after the Oregon State game IMO and I don’t blame SG.
Hope Dunn calls plays he wants Arroyo’s job at UNLV in a couple years.
#4. No doubt Gundy will meddle. How Dunn handles it determines how long he stays IMO.
#5. Hope oSu puts the money in recruiting and give raises after a track record has been established.

We probably not getting monken. Second dunn probably the hc in waiting.

It would have been nice to have gotten Monken and Dunn. However, given a choice between the two I would pick Dunn all day just for his recruiting and history with the school and Gundy.

As far as play calling…My hope is that Dunn told Gundy he would stay but the offense is his to run.

I wonder where Dunn learned his tricks to get more money every year?