Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 100-75 Loss to No. 22 TCU

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The Cowboys got throttled in Cow Town.

Well,it was a nice run while it lasted. Embarrassing.


Piss poor defensive effort to go along with lazy passes and poor shot selection.

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Boone has to be smarter than picking up silly fouls. Cisse let them push his arse around down low too. Just not strong enough. A 100 points is unforgettable

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Smoke and mirrors. Got exposed.

75 - 100 in basketball feels better than 0 - 48 in football.

West Virginia in Morgantown is up next for the Pokes. The Mountaineers lost to Texas Tech in Morgantown earlier Saturday. That could be both a good or a bad thing thinking for OSU. For one, WVU lost to a bottom team in the conference on its home floor, so it’s possible. But, West Virginia is fighting for an NCAA Tournament bid just like OSU is, so if there can be only one, Monday’s matchup could be a dogfight.“

How is WVU at 4-10 in conference considered a “bubble” team? How is that a thing?

  1. JMW get’s it. Does the rest of the team? >>> “We just have to get back to our grit and toughness, whether it be in practice or in the games,” guard John-Michael Wright said. “We just have to come out with a lot more fire and the expectation that the other team is here it knock our heads off. I don’t think we did a good job of that today as a team.

“Defense is what we do. That’s our bread and butter, so we know if we want to win and go far to where we want to go, that’s the thing that’s gonna take us there. We’ll pinpoint that. We’ll get that taken care of. We understand that’s what we need to fix. We’re gonna get it done.”

  1. When we play games with whistle happy refs we are in trouble.

  2. Thompson is a turnover machine when counted on to handle the rock out front. They need to post him up, along with Boone or Cisse. While his 3pt shooting percentage has been a disappointment this year (when he’s hot he’s hot and when he’s not he’s not) He will be more valuable closer to the hoop against a shorter defender.

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