Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 2020-21 Season

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On Boynton, Cade and a fun season.

Great job covering OSU basketball this year!


I like Boynton and would like for him to stick around for awhile. I’ve seen players develop under him. And we have key players coming back next year that can finish top 4 in the big 12.
But lets be honest…we aren’t in the sweet 16 b/c of the lack of talent. Poor coaching is the reason we aren’t there. Lack of discipline. He also needs to figure out that like the rest of us that Likekele is not the star of the team anymore.

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Incoming random Gundy comment that has absolutely nothing at all to do with this post from Joe in 5…4…3…


Ehh, Oregon state building an 18 point first half lead by making behind the back triple teamed 35 footers that they haven’t been making all year, as well as the game having the 2nd most free throws taken in a tournament game in the past 20 years had something to do with it. Really tough to pull off a big comeback when the refs are calling fouls on you for looking at someone every 6 seconds. Dwayne Wade said it was the worst reffed game he has ever witnessed in his life, and he had no investment in the game. Being forced to play a walk-on in the 2nd round of the ncaa tournament all because the refs wanted to make the game all about themselves is never a good thing. Just unfortunately caught Oregon state on the one night that they were making every prayer they slung up in the first half. Really the only coaching issue I had is that after Cade hit the 3 to cut it to 3 with under 3 minutes left, guys not named Cade took our next 6 shots and missed all of them. That should never ever happen.


Also, Oregon state is a 71% free throw shooting team and at one point they were 23-23 on free throws. Ended the game 32-35. The basketball gods were definitely on their side last night.


Sorry, but I don’t see this team without Cade going anywhere next season. Not sure if it was the effects of lingering injuries, but Likely was just not playing well after coming back from injury. I am not excited about next season, I am concerned unless Boynton between now and then finds some kind of hidden gem transfer. How does any team go anywhere these days without perimeter shooters and a few guys who can hit the 3 point shot?
But OSU did it anyway and that is the bright side to the great effort of a team that just did not have all the parts to go further. But a great season anyway and fortunate to have Cade. Too bad Calloo got himself dismissed from the team, he could have provided the missing piece.

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Maybe the best example of how fun this team was to watch is my wife (who cares NOT about any kind of sport): she was locked-in on Cowboy basketball from Feb. 1 through last night.

Fun team! Thanks for a great year!!


Silver lining: we did last longer than Bead Underwood

I’m not as optimistic about next year as I was this year, but we did well without Cade. Blew ISU out on the road without Cade, fizzled out late against Baylor in Stillwater but still held a lead against them longer than any deficit they have faced in any game this year, and won in Morgantown. We averaged 7 more points per game without Cade than we did with him, and went 3-1, only loss was Baylor, who has a very good chance to take home the trophy here shortly. We just need a game-changing big man inside and maybe a hidden shooter transfer from somewhere and they’ll be okay. Seems like we’ve gotten one of those every year for 7-8 straight seasons now. A jump from Walker next year like we saw from Avery this year would be a nice boost too. And we get Harris back, who will help. Losing Cade will hurt a lot, but it seemed like not relying on him every play made us better as a team in games we didn’t have him this year, hopefully that carries over.


I’m excited forAveryAnderson. I think he could lead the B12 in scoring.

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Both teams lost in the second round?

When you see all these teams OSU plays having a legit big man under the basket but we have not had one since Big Country it makes me wonder why we are unable to recruit a full sized tall center since Big Country?
I think Boynton needs a road trip this summer back to Brooklyn to scout the playgrounds for some shooters and a big man. Not sure how many scholarships the NCAA will take away from us.

Boynton has recruited bigs. Yor Anei left despite being a returning starter and Pena had off the court challenges so he didn’t play this year. The guy who scored 15 first half points for Oregon State (Callou) was a former oSu big. No doubt Boynton will continue to recruit with max effort and this season has only made his program more attractive to recruits.


That’s not basketball gods. That’s stepping up when you need to. We missed around 12 of those.

Calloo is not a big. He shot everything on the perimeter. If we didn’t leave him wide open in the first half he probably would have 0 points like he did in the second half. We have bigs and we chose to shoot 3’s instead of pounding it down low. They got into foul trouble because they can’t seem to understand what a jump stop is instead of running over someone and getting a charge called.

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Well, Mr. Sunshine, I respectfully disagree…or at least, I don’t share your pessimism. How could you NOT be excited about our future? Yes, losing a generational talent is going to hurt, but the “and Company” of “Cade and Company” has grown up tremendously. And yes, Ice looks like he’s not 100%. But, do you not remember when he WAS!? I think the “Fire and Ice” backcourt of Avery and Ice is going to be tough! Walker is a smooth shooter - and a freshman. Williams could be back and is a decent outside shot. Ke. Boone is developing. And yes, Coach will bring in a couple others. Sorry to sound argumentative, but I think our future is really bright! #GoPokes


We did shoot more ft. Bad point we missed a lot more.
Thats March madness. U have to be ready to play. And pray to the basketball gods

We could get the oru coach.
How attractive is he looking.

Not to mention, osu isn’t the only team losing a huge piece.

Huge pieces leaving for B12 teams:

Baylor- Butler, Vital, Teague, and most likely Mitchell. That’s basically their entire starting 5.

Tech- McClung, Silva, and Edwards

OU- Reaves, Manak, and Williams

Texas- Coleman and Sims. We’ll see about Jones

WVU- Taz Sherman and maybe Culver.

Most teams are in the same position as OSU going into next season. Good news is we have some really good pieces and all of them are staying, not something others can say when losing their best player. If Boynton can find 1 or 2 guys to add meaningful minutes to the current roster they’ll be just fine.