Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 2022 NFL Draft Weekend

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Does the Big 12 have a perception problem?

KHP not getting drafted is a head-scratcher.

The nonchalant attitude towards getting NFL talent is a head scratcher.

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What should we do say really stupid this on a fansite like you do. Or burn down the nfl offices.

Coach Gundy has developed a culture that has two aims: win games and develop young men. It is not a given that signing more 4 and 5 stars would result in more wins and better young men. Maybe, maybe not. It’s possible that amongst 4s and 5s there’s a higher percentage of personality problems, which could actually result in fewer wins and fewer ready-for-real-life young men. (Looking at you, Longhorns.). This whole NFL angst is noise.


We have had problems with 4 stars panning out ex boomer and moore

“If draft picks truly correlate to talent, it’s just another feather in the cap for Mike Gundy and [his ability to do more with less]”

Is it really though? Why do we have a trend with doing more with less one year and then doing less with more another year? That statement just seems a little inconsistent to me.

Let’s take a look at the recent NFL drafts for a moment:

2017- 2 players selected (finished 2nd in conference) Thanks Texas :wink:

2018- 4 players selected (finished 3rd in the conference)

2019- 2 players selected (finished 7th in the conference)

2020- 0 players selected (finished 5th in the conference)

2021- 4 players selected (finished 4th in the conference)

2022- 3 players selected (finished 2nd in the conference)

Six players total drafted from the 2016 and 2017 teams where most of those guys were on the same team both of those seasons. Four players selected as a result from the 2017 season and the best we could do is 3rd.

Had it not been for Texas knocking off Baylor and sending us to the Sugar bowl vs Ole Miss we are looking at one 2nd place finish in the conference with 15 players drafted over the last six drafts. We did worse during the 2018 season as compared to the 2019 season. Yet, two players were drafted and zero the next season🤷‍♂️

To me it just seems inconsistent. We can’t we do more when we have more?

It’s inconsistent because it’s not correlated.

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Really off topic but here goes: Mike Gundy should consider hiring Dez Bryant to a recruiting position on staff. I think he would absolutely kill it!!!

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Not sure stillwater could handle dez everyday

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Maybe not the whole town, but THIS resident thinks it’d be awesome!

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