Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 55-41 Loss to No. 17 West Virginia

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Five thoughts from a physical game of basketball.

Dreadful half court offense.

Well crap, we need a basketball coach again. I know peeps want to give Boynton the benefit of the doubt but this is his third season and he may not even get 15 wins this season. Setiously,thanks for signing cade cunningham but one guy is not going to make you a great coach. We have5 starters return for this season and four of those guys look worse than last year. Would someone please teach ice to shoot a freaking basketball. People guard him like his Doug gottlieb. Mcgrrif… 12 feet and in. Yor… Not so big in conference play. Wtf is wrong with waters? Dizzzy… Sporadic. Idk, might time for a coaching search!

I struggled to watch the score last night. We just naturally expect a 70-85 point game on both sides. So yes, we were held to 41, but they didn’t score 60 on us either. The turn-overs and the loose balls were stinkers. The many, many missed 3s were bad. We have multiple players that can and do shoot from outside. Ok State looked tired, and I know it was a very physical game…but they looked worn out. I said this twice last night, but I’m not sure if there won’t be more of the team down with flu later in the week. They need to be chugging the OJ and wiping down all the surfaces with Clorox Wipes!

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Where is the skill from Roessink that Boynton bragged out before the season began? He has no hands to hold onto a ball. This will probably improve greatly before his career is finished. But at this point he does not seem like he belongs on the court.

I’ve played, followed, studied, basketball for over 2 decades, and I have always hated the benefit of the doubt a “defense first” team gets in regards to fouling vs defense. WVU fouls, a lot. Half of their steals/deflections were legit reaching fouls. Where on the other end, OSU a “defense first” team, were getting foul calls for the same exact thing. Not to take anything away from WVU, as they are a good team, but there is a fine line between physical defense and fouling.


Everyone wants to talk about how bad our offense was and frankly it was terrible. But I thought that our defense was fantastic this game! 55 is second lowest scoring output WVU has had all year, only lower being when they played Kansas. I think we’ll see some real improvement by the end of this year thanks to our youth.


You are SO right!! I literally thought the exact same thing! So annoying…

Wow…step away from the edge a little… WV is tough. So is Tech in Lubbock. They’ll recover. For now though, no coffee and no sharp objects for you.

I agree with this WVU is good, but idk how many times I yelled at the TV saying if that was on the other end it’s a foul. It was a hard fought game but the refs seemed to give their guys more leeway on hand fouls. Maybe it’s my orange colored glasses but I noticed this too

I agree!

I thought :taco: Tech and WVU looked solid and played well; we hung with WVU for a decent amount of time and I saw flashes from Anderson that pleasantly surprised me. We might not be where all hoped we’d be but I seem to recall another first year head coach in another oSu sport that needed a few years before a nice couple of runs.

Am I the only one who sees Lindy Waters taking off balance 3 point shots (or kicking a leg out) for no reason? Surely a coach or two sees this too???

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