Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 61-54 Victory against No. 1 Baylor

You’re right. Making a team shoot 31% from the field is. That’s called playing good defense. Thanks for proving my point.

So when we shoot bad by missing open shots the other team is doing good defense.
Joey we all know they play good defense most of the time. But Baylor shooting 31% was not all defense. Like I said keep it real joey.

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I never said we were an offensive juggernaut. But considering we are one of the top 15 defenses in the nation I’m sure it had something to do with Baylor not shooting well.

You don’t make any sense. You say we play good defense most of the time, but don’t give this team any credit for keeping a team that’s third in FG percentage in the conference and second in three point percentage. Baylor shot 18% below their season average against OSU.

You’re just angry about the win because it helps alleviate the Boynton sucks campaign you have going on in this forum. You’re the type of person that would welcome back Travis Ford with open arms.

No Joey I want boynton to do good he has a lot of up side. But he has no offensive plan.
It’s the big 12 ksu beat tech for their first win. If we lose Wednesday will u still be talking up this team. We should beat tcu. So let’s see if this is a break out game or they revert back to a so so team

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We’ll see!!!

Joe bob is out also. Coaches and kids bailing.

Must know who the defensive coordinator is.

An article I missed… Same ole Joey though.

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Where’s Joe Bob going ? All I’ve seen is he said he’s staying as of now. Someone else offer him ? Ohio St would have to fire someone for him

He’s not going anywhere

Jeff playing his games :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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