Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 64-57 Victory against Yale

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The Pokes are 4-0 after a tight one against the Ivy League champs.

This was the 1st game in a while where I felt coach got a bit out of his lane. The zone worked in the 2nd half against Charleston but we stayed in it too long Sunday. Allowed Yale to hit some open 3s & we were lucky they didn’t knock down more. As evident by the fga & 3fga we didn’t shoot well and should have been going to a post up for Likekele. He was so much more physically superior to Yale’s guards. The refs finally tightened it up a bit late which should have resulted in us attacking instead we yanked 3s. And finally. I love Lindy but his strength is not at PG. We have 2 this yr but took them both off the floor mid 2nd half. We lost 2 possessions because of this. But I’m glad we got the win and think we will get better and better.