Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 66-62 Overtime Loss to Oklahoma

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Five takeaways from a scrappy (ugly) game in Norman.

I’ll hammer Boynton on this one. Cisse needed more than 21 minutes. He should’ve been closer to 30 minutes. I have a feeling this game goes a little differently if that’s the case.

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Tell him to stop fouling. He played as much as boynton could play him. U still amaze me. I think u cant say anything stupider, I will never underestimate u again.

The Boynton tenure has to end. The performance of the teams he’s coached and built is just not working!

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@robert28 they dont be watching the game even when they on the sideline

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You’re the one still trying to convince me that going 6-6 in football and making a bowl game is harder than going 20-10 and making the NCAA tournament. Despite the fact that almost 62% of D1 teams in football go bowling while 19% of teams in basketball go dancing.

Okay….then keep playing him!!! Then maybe Boone can get a little more playing time (like you want) if Cisse does foul out and can put up more than 0 points.

How many times were u dropped on ur head.
Cicce fouled out. Boynton can play him more then 22 min. I tell u he played all he could then u double down with 2 more ignorant post.
I know u will post back on this one. U can’t help urself.
U do know u have dug urslef dip enough.

Cisse didn’t foul out until 31 seconds remaining in the extra period. There’s 40 minutes in a game of basketball, and 5 minutes for overtime. 45-22= 23. I’ve already said he should play more than that. So I don’t get what in the hell you’re talking about? I know Cisse was in foul trouble. You keep playing him though. Then your boy Kalib Boone can get more minutes if he does foul out (and maybe score more than 0 points).

I don’t think I was the one dropped on my head.

If boynton didn’t sit cicce he would have fouled out, maybe faster.
Boone is another fine example of boynton players not getting better. The team did use boone the way he is suppose to.
The team had 8 assist and shot to many 3’s.
The normal recipe for a boynton lose. It’s like the team won’t buy in to the proper way of playing.

If he fouls out your boy Boone (who you’ve been screaming needs more playing time) gets more minutes. Your claiming Boone isn’t getting better, and yet at the same time you want him on the court more. So if you don’t think he’s that good how can you also at the same time say you think he needs more minutes? Do you happen to read your own posts?

Well u never play basketball. The more u play the more ur in the flow of the game. I’m not going to back down how hard it is to get in a rhythm playing a minute here and there. I was at the tcu game. I watch boone. He hardly played. Every time the horn blow he was look to see if he was coming out.
Someone was on Williams ur on ice. We are running out of players who boynton can play tge u approve of.

You are right about Boynton can’t coach nobody can get in rhythm Boone bros along with some more to the transfer portal.

That still doesn’t explain the question I asked. How can you say you want someone playing more minutes when you’ve just admitted that you don’t think they’ve gotten better under Boynton? That’s seems contradictory. If you don’t think a player is any better than why do you want him on the court any longer? Has Cisse gotten worse under Boynton?

I said in an earlier post Williams wasn’t any good today. So try again. Ice’s problem is he can’t score. That’s not been a secret though.

Ice scored 8 more points then Williams.
Like I said I’m can’t explain the Nuences of basketball to you. I’ve had enough fun with u. Go get a wet paper sack and shadow box urself.

Of course you can’t. Because you don’t know anything about it. If you did you would stop trying so hard to avoid a point you can’t explain. It’s not about “flow”. Instead, you either have it or you don’t. Ice has been a starter for four years, and he didn’t score 8 points he got 6 (another lie by you).

Not one single thing has gotten better in his offensive game except rebounding (his stats are worse than his freshman year). It’s funny that you talk chit about the other players, and you take up for a dude that’s been here four years and hasn’t gotten any better. The only reason you want this conversation to end is because you’ve just been proven wrong.

Ur just backing me up players get worse as time goes on
6 or 8 ice scored more then zero.

We should of got cicce 6 fouls. We would have won.

Ur still fighting urself.

I just love how it’s okay to have a coach that has 2 losing seasons out of 5 he’s been here, but it’s terrible to go 8-5 in football. ■■■■ :man_facepalming:


Then Keylan thing baffles me. I’m obviously not at practices or in training and workout rooms. But if Boyton has that stance, he said he has, why is Bryce Williams playing? That guy gives up on plays defensively multiple times a game, hardly ever hustles, turns the ball over like crazy on offense, and if you look off the court got a DUI. Hard for me to believe keylan is doing worse than that

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