Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 67-60 Victory against West Virginia

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On Boone’s final stretch, Bernard Kouma and more.

Need to win as many home games as we can. It was a win. Not to many good things.


Liked the win , wish I could see the offense run better… they are tough defensively. Any win is a good one


This is what our wins will look like. We need guys to step up and play a whole game every game


They have some talent. Without blowing double digit leads they would have lost 1 I think…. This conference is a hammer


There is good defense and then there is foul-every-possession defense.

We’re somewhere in between.

I like how hard we play, but I don’t like the many stupid things we do.


Keep scoring more points than the other team please


I disagree, Robert. There were a lot of good things about the game last night. 1. The Pokes played good enough to win without Cisse most of the game. 2. The defense is stout. 3. We made 3’s and have guys like Thompson that score when we need a bucket.

WVU is never an easy game and the boys showed up. Also, don’t forget they almost pulled off a huge upset in Lawrence. I know you don’t like Boynton but don’t be like Jug is with Gundy and hate out of habit.


Ive always said i like boynton. I definitely dnot bang on like jug.
I was positive about the win. You are just way more positive.

Her are some positives. Thompson is tge forst player ive seen improve under boynton. This year they have got more assist going.

This game tho they had no good numbers. We did out shoot them.
Like i said we will need to get these games at gia.

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I think this team can make a run at the tournament if they don’t have a couple of key players go down. If they don’t count the 4 big leads we had and lost against us. I would like to see them get op early and keep it or increase it
I haven’t give up on them, especially after the last two games. B12 is brutal though

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I read somewhere that the big12 has all 10 teams projected to make the NCAA tourney. Has that ever happened before?


I don’t think so, but from here on out it’s a free for all against each other. I can see a. 8-10 team getting in

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Anybody see the Baylor-TCU game last night? Heck of a comeback by TCU. Pre-season big12 top pick BU is now 0-2 in conference to get started. TCU and ISU are both 2-0 with big road wins last night. Didn’t see that coming. Big12 Bball will been fun to watch this year.

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