Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 70-54 Win over Kansas State

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The Cowboys didn’t need Cade to score on Saturday, but they will soon.

If Boynton needed Cade to score, he would’ve taken more than 3 shots. Boynton clearly took this game against K-State as an opportunity to get other guys involved and boost confidence (especially for guys like Kalib).

Your mild concern with Cade here is honestly kind of silly. There was absolutely no need for him to “bury” the Wildcats. The game just wasn’t flowing that way and, luckily, Cade isn’t immature enough to force unnecessary shots just so he can get his.

A captain obvious article. Cade shot 3 shots was the weirdest. Most points came off assist, that helped their shooting %.
A win is still always a good win and a road win is great.

OSU is flat out pathetic. I mean, they only blew KSU out by 16, when they should have won by eleventy thousand points. sure, they only lost to two top 15 teams by a combined 6 points. And of course, they are the only big 12 team outside of the top 5 in the entire United States with less than 4 losses. And absolutely, they’ve had big leads over some of the best teams in the country on the road. But none of that matters to me. They’re only 8-3, which might as well be 0-11, so I’m done with them. I’m glad they have a ban. Not ever watching a single OSU game ever again. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Did I do that right OSU fans? Was I pouty and whiny enough? Or should I act more childish than this? Just making sure I have the pout levels high enough for this team, and the university in general. If my Temper tantrums aren’t good enough, please let me know how to be a Better OSU Fan.


I could see your frustration if it was a coach with 16 seasons in and we haven’t done squat for the last 9 seasons or so. I can’t say I would agree if it was a coach just starting his 4th season playing in a league that has 5 of its 10 teams ranked in the top 20.

Didn’t faze him a bit, he still justified himself. But, I loved it. Alot of useless facts and blah blah.:joy::upside_down_face::rofl::innocent::hugs::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

If anyone cares the girls are 5 and 0 in big12 play​:innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::crazy_face::partying_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

You didn’t bash the coaches or the uniforms or the hairstyles. If you want to be in the elite of whiny OSU fans you need to shoot at everybody. The more insignificant BS you spout over and over and over…! Only then can you join that elite group.


Dang it, I knew I wasn’t Whiny enough. Thanks for the pointers! I’ll definitely look for the important stuff next time, wrinkles in the jerseys, that sort of thing.

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According to the mood of responses in basketball posts lately, there’s a bunch of OSU fans that would disagree with you. Apparently we have a team full of a bunch of losers because we lost to a couple of top 15 teams.

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It’s not the losses to top teams that is the problem. It’s losing when ahead that is the source of the justified grumbling. Letting up when ahead instead of as Coach Boynton said, needing to understand they have to play for 40 minutes, not just 32.


Nobody cares about women’s basketball except you.

Understandable. They’ll play the teams they lost to again though. So the chance for redemption is there without having to wait another 12 months all the while listening to the chants and war cries of the “wait until next year!!!” crew.

U told me u liked all osu sports ur saying u lied to me​:lying_face::woozy_face::dizzy_face::pleading_face::scream::sob: I feel violated. U really r a bad fan

So u dnt care r wrestling team won 2 matches today either

To be fair we’ve been saying that with the basketball program every year since ‘05.

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I am not upset by these one-off issues. I understand that good teams sometimes come from behind and beat you. That happens and it happens to good and bad coaches. What upsets me is the big picture of where we are as a program. Boynton is the first OSU coach in 30+ years to miss three straight NCAA Tournaments and is on the verge of missing a fourth (and fifth since we are banned next year).

I am disappointed in how far we have fallen as a program that this is what we are willing to accept. Are we really okay with having the worst coach in the conference? PFB wrote an article a few weeks ago pointing out that Boynton’s biggest pros are that he (1) is cheap; and (2) seems like a nice guy. Hell, sign me up to coach if that is all it takes.

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Ok grad was make a joke about joe he wasnt seriously mad. Pun

The potential is there but the consistency still remains elusive. Not too surprising for a very young team!

We need to look for steady improvement and enough shortening of the bench to see players adapt to their roles.

We can be competitive athletically with anyone but the concerns are the lack of consistency and stretches of poor offensive execution and shot making. We need to see who will be the consistent shooters and scorers and all of them valuing each possession enough to get and take good shots and if getting to the line, making free throws so we score with the clock not running.

When you go multiple trips offensively and turn it over or simply don’t get a good shot you aren’t focusing or grinding enough to get them.

The same thing can be said about three point defense and defensive rebounding. We’re all tired of seeing too many wide open threes given up and too many second, third, and fourth shots until the opponent scores!

Only thing is boynton has been losing big leads since he has been here. To loss a large lead like that is more the coach then young players