Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 70-62 Victory against Marquette

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The Cowboys zoned Marquette to submission.

Looked better. Good win tho on the road. If this team can reach their potential then I think we have a team for once in a looooong time!! We got pieces. If Moncrieffe can get some touch around the rim look out. Go pokes.

Looks the same big guy in foul trouble to many turnovers no assists not great shooting.

18 turnovers the entire game. Not good but only the third game of the season. If you want to scold a team for turnovers then scold Marquette since they had 24 of them.

OSU shot 42 percent as a team. That’s not too bad actually. Anything below 40 percent isn’t too great. They also shot 83 percent from the free throw line.

You just want Boynton to fail because you don’t want him to be the favorite coach on campus over your boy Gundy. I hope Boynton takes this team far this season so OSU fans can actually find a coach and sport to look forward to and be optimistic about instead of keep listening to a coach make ridiculous excuses for why he punts the ball from the 39 yard line when he’s down by three touchdowns.

oSu has got some dudes. Kudos to Boynton & staff for evaluating and recruiting well. Love the talent and depth. Future is bright- bright orange. This win should garner some top 25 votes.

It’s amazing what getting 4 and 5 star kids will do for a program. They actually would beat our senior class last year by twenty. It’s also amazing that these kids even considered coming to osu since gundy has stayed for years that 4 and 5 star kids don’t look at osu lol…gundy lol # lazy


Nobody wants Boynton to fail, but I do believe his has a lot to prove as far as being a good coach. He’s brought in some talent, but let’s be honest more busts at this point. He needs to build on the foundation he’s developing. At this point he doesn’t have 1 commitment for 2021.

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Agreed about still proving himself as a good coach and quite frankly he has a number of years to get that experience before he is going to be labeled that. The reason he has no commits for 2021 is the adidas scandal and teams are obviously using that against boynton because he goes after kids that other top 25 teams go after unlike wimpy gundy fighting for recruits with utsa,and Wyoming.


Good lord you and Joe are so Uber obsessed with Gundy that making 20 comments about him per football post isn’t enough, you have to find ways to make basketball posts about him too. Get out of the basketball threads with that pouting negativity.


Agreed, I think his defensive strategies are awesome but he lacks creativity on the offensive end. That, combined with your best offensive player being Cam McGriff for two years (no offense to cam, great player but he should not have had to be the offensive load carrier) it’s tough to score enough points to beat people. Maybe now with a few takeover-type guys he can start getting some results.

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You mean the senior class that beat UT in Austin in March by 22 points on their senior day, preventing them from obtaining their 20th win of the season and increasing their odds of gaining a top 6 seed in the NCAA tournament?
When Likekele was healthy, that was a pretty salty team. Not sure who would win versus this years squad, but there’s no way McGriff, Waters, Dzigawa, Anei and Likekele would get blown out by this young team. Maybe after a year or two, but not now.
Last years team won at Houston, at Texas and almost won at #2 Baylor - in front of packed arenas. Let’s see how this years group fares on the road in conference play before you anoint them as a great team.
That said, I liked their defense and intensity last night. Much better than their first two games.


These are his guys so we will see. And obsessed with gundy is alittle excessive but football is the bell cow of every program in the country and what makes other sports like basketball and golf money so they can keep their doors open so yea, gundy fits in about every sport discussion. But I will try to limit it as much as I can but no promises.

Yea this team would beat last years team by twenty no doubt about it. That Senior team had a bunch of slugs that could not stay infront of me. You must not have watched verymuch of that team is all I can say

Likekele let’s face it, he has a hard time blowing past his defender and always has. He stuffs the stat sheet and is a good role player but he was never the type of player to look for to get you 15 every night. He will never play meaningful minutes in the NBA but like I said you need guys like him to win in college.

Great shooting is 50% his team to be low 40. 3 pt% not good either.18 turnovers is bad not ok. I like ice his #'s are good after 3 games but anything are better the 20% 3pt. And 60% ft

You mean the same senior team that lost both games to ou and only had 5 conference wins the whole year and loss to might I say a good team in Texas tech by 38 points!!! and aging by 28 points and went on a 8 conference game loosing streak? Is that the team we are both talking about? Lol because you got me confused.

Boynton lost a bunch of those games. Had big leads. Just like Gundy, has to take credit for bad coaching. Those sr. Didn’t get better under boynton.

If these guys would stay to their Junior, Senior season this would turn into an ultra-high level, championship caliber team. But Cunningham is one and done, and wouldn’t surprise me to see several more one or two-and-done guys on this team. It’s hard to build a contending program when the one superstar dude that you get every couple of decades is only going to be here a few more months. Then, back to the drawing board, hoping for the next Cunningham. KU, UK, Duke, NC, and a handful of others pull that off every year. We don’t.

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I think it’s a good sign when you go on the road, beat a solid Marquette team in comeback fashion, and doing so without 3 of your players.
Obviously, there are things to work on, but it’s early in the season, and this is a young team. So far, I’m liking what I see.


I will reserve my judgement of this team until after they play some conference games. So far I see great potential. Just too bad that oSu usually does not have tall guys who are also big to play under the basket. That’s why they don’t do that well in the Big 12. Just like the problem Gundy has getting 4 and 5 star players, basketball usually cannot get the tall bigs to come to oSu. We get bean poles.
We need to play the Fighting Illini now that Brad Underwood has done another good job of recruiting and has his team highly ranked so far. Despicable as he is.

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