Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 70-66 Loss to Kansas State

Originally published at: Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State’s 70-66 Loss to Kansas State

Another big scoring drought spells doom for the Pokes.

Is there a legitimate chance OSU goes winless in Big 12 play?


Wake me when OsU wins a game.
I stopped watching a few games ago. If they do win a game, I would then watch the replay.
Goodbye coach Mike. We will truly miss you.
Hopefully, he will recognize his strength is in recruiting and try to get a job as assistant coach.
Holder made 3 major mistakes during an otherwise illustrious career.
Hiring Travis Ford. Extending Ford’s contract.
He hired personality instead of experience when it came down to Boynton.
Most of our guys don’t seem good enough to play in the Big 12. Been that way since Eddie left.
A well known coach with a legacy of winning is the only way to attract the level of talent we need to compete. That’s gonna take big bucks cause he is going to then have to buy good players.
Is it worth it?

Yes. I believe there is a chance. I am guessing maybe 2 wins but if we went winless I wouldn’t be surprised.[quote=“PistolsFiring, post:1, topic:20212, full:true”]
Originally published at: Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State’s 70-66 Loss to Kansas State

Another big scoring drought spells doom for the Pokes.

Off the subject because let’s just say there is nothing to discuss about 0-5 but it’s just funny that the guy who wrote the article is comfortable with calling out a kid because he’s white but the question is would he do the same about a black kid? Why is that? Is it because he knows there is going to be no backlash from the woke establishment? How did we get here? It’s just funny everytime I see it happen. I guess he knows white people don’t care. Go pokes! And time for this new administration to start doing their job and start firing coaches that can’t get the JOB done or it’s time to start firing the new administration!!!

Another game that I put squarely on Boynton.

We tried to take the air out of the ball WAYYYY too early. Should’ve just kept playing.

One piece of advice for Boynton (because I know he reads these comments): STOP IT with having Garrison handle the ball north of the key. This does nothing except lead to turnovers.

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4 mistakes. He got Boynton this big contract too.

I doubt that Boynton or any other coach looks at PFB. They always talk about ignoring the outside noise. Holder is the only coach who said he sometimes checks out PFB. He said it during his famous interview on PFB when he said he wished Gundy would recruit better. Don’t we all!

For the last part of your comment, see Iowa State.

You also do not need the absolute top talent to win. You don’t need a big name coach to get that top talent either. We had a first time HC get the number one pick in the draft. It didn’t matter. You need better coaching and most importantly a coach that can teach shooting. I’ve put this out there before and I’ll say it again. In the MB era the Virginia Military Institute has a far better free throw shooting percentage than Ok State. There is no way they have more talent than Ok St. Also, San Diego State made it to the championship game last year but have worse recruiting classes than Ok State. It’s the coaching. It’s not good.

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I’ve said it before, this team is just good enough to break our hearts. I think it is overly harsh to say hardly any Big 12 talent. It’s just the really talented guys are freshman. I root for these guys always but the last play was awful. Need a bucket so dribble into the center of KSU’s entire team and throw the ball out of bounds. Oof….

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Because it’s okay to bash white people. Everything is fine with the woke as long as you don’t mention color except white I have broad shoulders so I can take it. I see it swinging back to normal. But back to the game these kids don’t have fundamentals, no confidence ! BT air balls a FT , a fourth year senior :flushed: loonisy
A roster full or 4-5 star kids :man_shrugging:

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Overall, I find Marshall’s writings to be professional, fair and balanced. I honestly didn’t notice that “mistake” until commenters brought it up. I do NOT think the mention of “white” was intentionally meant to be derogatory here to Connor, but I also now see that its usage was out of place. It would have been best to leave skin color out entirely and just judge players based on the performance-based comps. You are correct that had the shoe been on the other foot on that statement, there would be much more blowback.

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Dow is a long way from Keaton., Izzy , and Forte too …. Those were legit one step past half court shooters :blush:


True, but I think Connor will get there. There are some insane videos of long 3’s he made in high school. Also, Connor is much more athletic in general, so I see Connor have some major upside as a potential 4-year player at OSU. I’m really happy Coach Mike is giving Connor some more playing time now.


Just like I said if you’re going to lose , lose with your young guys. I haven’t seen any tape on Dow but we definitely need shooters. I think the year Izzy was a to be a senior, Mike had him shoot
25,000 shots in the summer. He became a weapon he could get it up so fast. Pretty sure he played overseas for 2-3 years

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How does a first-year head coach get the same deal that Kelvin Sampson has at top-ten Houston?

Moser has the Sooners ranked in his second year at 2.8 million a year. Boynton has done nothing for several years and has the Pokes at the bottom of the Big 12. He makes 3 million a year thru 2027. Who made that stupid deal? Thank you Holder and Board of Regents. Gallager-Iba has never been emptier.

We’re so bad that PFB doesn’t even want to do a Instant Recap of the team any more.

Refresh your browser. TCU article is already up.

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