Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 71-68 Loss to Kansas State

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The Cowboys play better, but still fall short.

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Season has already been defined. It’s a big loss. Winning Bedlam is just for our personal satisfaction of beating those scumbags.

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Ban or no ban, if Porter f—ing Moser comes into GIA and wins, I’m fine with Boynton’s seat warming up.

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I get there’s been A LOT of chaos during Boynton’s tenure, so there are excuses, but… I think I’ve seen enough. He’s accomplished exactly nothing. He feels like Travis Ford 2.0 with more charisma.

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I’m not far behind

I was first on board. Does everything you would ever want from a head coach, except…Win ballgames.

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I like Boyton but have said for three years, he is lacking in the ability to coach. He has had some serious talent but hasn’t done much with it. I think he is just in over his head. Kind of like the Peterson Principle. For those who don’t know what that is I highly recommend you look it up. As for the game last night I didn’t record it but I can say without doubt the call of failure to cross mid-court was wrong. I backed it up and looked. The call of a held ball that gave KSU the ball back for the game winner was by all standards a reach in foul. He came down with the rebound and turned to avoid the tie up… It is what it is and it’s a road loss…

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They were only using 2 refs at those disputed points and I think the refs could not see closely enough and just guessed about the calls they made. This team is a real head scratcher because they can’t get it all together during any one game, with few exceptions this season. Montcrief is still playing wild at times and he seemed to have trouble holding onto some of those balls last night. I don’t know what the problem is with this team but its not a good look most games. Not sure if the coaching is to blame or not.

Moncrief is the most puzzling. He has a lot of talent but can’t seem to put 2 dribbles together in a row without losing it or plowing someone over. I’d love to see how many charge fouls have been called against him. It’s like he doesn’t learn and expects the defender to get out of the way. He hustles hard inside, a good rebounder and finishes ok around the rim, but anything outside the paint he’s lost. I love Boyton stand up guy great person great leader and mentor, just can’t figure out how to win games. I wonder sometimes what they do at practice. Most of the times when they make bad basketball IQ plays, which is more than I like, I wonder if they’d make those same mistakes over and over again of it was a different coach. Well said my piece, love the pokes will still watch every game but this season is tough


It is tough. I will make the trip for Bedlam.

Moncrief needs to be told to give the ball up before he crosses mid court ……period

Hey, don’t worry guys, in 2 or 3 years, everyone will be down and Boynton will win the conference. One conference title every 20 years is all we can ask.