Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 72-59 Victory against Prairie View A&M

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On offensive woes, and Prairie View’s ridiculous schedule.

With all the talent that we have, the team has not played that well at all but it’s so early to really tell what this team could turn into later on in the season. It might be hard to watch some of the games soon coming up because of those teams being so good while OSU is trying to find winning combinations. I agree that the team is taking too many 3 points shots since they don’t seem to have the sharp shooters to do that. Every team we face should play a lot of zone against us to have the edge on us. The coaching staff hopefully will create an offense that is more effective against the zone. Boone twins showing a lot of promise. Avery Anderson will come around in time and Bryce Thompson will start to contribute more. Too soon for me to tell about Woody Newton and Tyreek Smith. So many guys have similar hairstyles it gets confusing knowing who is who, which is forcing me to memorize their numbers and also get new eye glasses.

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Am I the only one who is not bought into Avery.
I like coach Mike but he needs to give out the tuff love.
I think Eddie would have had a heart take with these teams. Boynton knows what they need to do just he can’t get them to do it. I would say what there doing wrong but I’m not into Russian novels.

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