Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 74-63 Loss to No. 6 Kansas

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Ice plays well, but the Pokes fall short.

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Big 12 regular season champs??? I have yet to see OSU ranked above 10th in the league. Remove the orange colored glasses……

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Knowing how few players practiced because of Covid testing, I think they played better than I would have expected. But regardless of what improvements the team can make, our shooting remains pathetic. We are talented on defense but lack the ability to make baskets. In today’s game you cannot win without reliable 3 point shooting and you also need high percentage free throw shooting. I think this team lacks talent, period. Recruiting needs to improve. But it was nice to see Ice reinvent himself last night. He gave it all.


For the most part agree with your comments here. Not knowing who had covid and who wasn’t able to practice, I think we have to give the team a pass on last night’s results.

At some point the coaches are going to have to tell Cissa not to shoot unless he can dunk. Otherwise it’s the equivalent of a turnover.

One thing I’ve noticed with this team all year - in their effort to play uptempo, they typically play out of control and make very poor decisions. On multiple occasions last night they created turnovers only to immediately give the ball back to KU due to trying to force a quick score that wasn’t available. The coaching staff has to get them to play under control. Due to their poor shooting, this team can’t afford the high amount of turnovers they’ve experienced this season. They’re ranked 317th in turnover % - coupled with ranked 325th in 3 point % is a recipe for a long season.

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I couldn’t make the game but knew we were going to get killed. Maybe we can take Texas.

Post season ban or no post season ban, this team does not look good. At all.

Boynton’s seat should start to get warm if we finish at the bottom of the conference this year. Not sure how good he’s assistants are either.

Think he’s too soft of a basketball coach also. The good caches get on to their players when they mess up. You discipline your kids so they don’t keep doing the thinks you don’t like. Him and gundy are two peas in a pod. Toooooooo softttttttt.

What is scary is the thought of Likely putting the team on back and he will lead them to victory!