Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 74-69 Loss to TCU

Originally published at: Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State’s 74-69 Loss to TCU

On offensive lulls, Anderson’s return and more.

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Never seen so many empty seats. Severe damage has been done to our program and it could take years to recover season ticket sales, if ever. Devastating


Boynton has got to go. The program is a disaster.

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Welcome to the Blog… Yeah we all know and expect to him exiting at the end of this season.Great recruiter but not so much as a coach.

Sorry, Mike - you’re an amazing man and we’ve loved you here…but, “…send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”

Hunziker and Holcomb said Avery was chirping at our bench. Such a fine gentleman. Not a good look

So many empty seats. Expectation level is so low. This program is in pitiful shape. Any other school, changes would have been made long ago. Not at OSU. Bad overpriced lengthy contracts spell mediocrity at best. Big 12 0 and 6 bottom feeders now.

I mmiys funny how Boyton blames certain things on youth, everyone of his teams were and are bad at the same things. It’s the coach. Dow got spanked last night and if he can’t to the one thing he’s good at in shooting then he needs to be on the bench. I want Boyton gone but I’d rather his buyout money go to NIL for football honestly. Coaching change in 2025 I’m all about

May not be a good look, but you can’t argue that Avery looks like the smart one atm. He’ll likely be going to the NCAA tourney, and we aren’t good enough to even make the NIT.

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Boyntons contract was Holders legacy, his parting shot into bottom of the canoe
Time for Weiberg to earn his big girl stripes.

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His buyout goes down after April do we are stuck with it now. Don’t know where the money will come from 6 million I think. Something has to be done. I don’t see it changing next year