Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 76-70 Victory against Wofford

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On Thompson’s hot streak, 3-point shooting and more.

Why are we battling at home to beat Wofford? Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather win than lose, but this team is not meeting the mark.


We shot 40+% from 3, hitting 15 of them, and yet only beat an outmanned and outclassed Wofford team by 6. And they only shot 30% from 3, so its not like the opposition was ‘hot’ against us and kept it close. I’m glad we won, but tonight’s performance isn’t anywhere close to good enough to be competitive in conference play.


This not the first game this season where Cowboys can’t defend layups. If you want to beat OSU, keep driving to the basket. Defense is not what it needs to be for Big 12 play. I don’t see this team going to the tournament. On a positive note, it’s still unreal to see an OSU team having multiple players who can shoot a 3.
Q continues to impress me.


Definitely ridiculous we are barely beating Wofford at home but like another said, I’d rather get the win too, but dang.

Q is quickly becoming my favorite player.

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Wofford looked like a good intramural team.

Who are we going to beat in the Big 12? Baseball starts Feb. 16.