Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 77-73 Loss to TCU

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On OSU’s struggles in Fort Worth and Isaac Likekele’s strong performance.

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Seven more games left. Just get it over with.

I was glad to see Ice finally find the rim. If he could have played both halves it would be a different outcome.

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  1. Make Cisse practice offensive fundamentals all off-season. Make him into a decent offensive threat.

  2. Find a point guard (either transfer portal or recruiting) that is consistently a decent shooter and can make free throws.

That’s it!!! With as many close games this team has lost this season they could just as easily be 17-6 right now instead of 11-12 if those two things could be fixed.

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I would add 3. Make the team practice FREE throws everyday in the off season and in season as well.

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They were flat all game and a bit confused on both sides, but defensively they looked absolutely lost at times. Several times they lost track of who was guarding who. One possession Boone left a guy with the ball to shoot a wide open three so he double team someone else. On the last possession of the game, they couldn’t seem to figure out who was guarding who. They looked very confused and lost on that play, especially. Decent effort, but the basketball IQ, at least in this one particular game, did not look good at all in my opinion.