Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 77-74 Loss to No. 11 Texas

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OSU is about six minutes from being 2-0 in conference play.

Forget the 6 minutes, we just shoot 75% from the FT line and we’re 2-0 in conference. This team doesn’t seem nearly as woefully underpowered as last year’s team but we’ve got to improve our shooting.

On an unrelated note, we sure could’ve used someone with Pena’s height and athleticism on the boards today…

Three things Boynton needs to grill his players on during practice:

  1. Free throw shooting

  2. Blocking out

  3. Defeat the slow starts

7 assist I know were in the nba. But really

What about assist

At least we get a bowl of cheesit’s with Gundy.

Since it’s so close to Christmas will forgive the Cowboys poor play and chalk it up to a young team early in the season that did not have the advantage of the usual number of pre-season games. But at some point in January they need to improve free throw shooting and Cade needs to get hot sooner. Too early to throw in the towel and start watching Netflix instead of basketball. Rebounding is always going to be tough for this team in this conference. When I think about how all of the OSU sports teams do, it seems like they might be better off dropping out of the Big 12 and join a league where they could dominate in probably all of the sports, major and minor. Because our teams usually look really good when playing most non-conference opponents. Then when playing Big 12 games we look mediocre too often.
There’s not much glory playing in a tough conference when your teams usually don’t seem to have a chance to win championships outside of wrestling, golf and cross country.

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We are who we are🤷‍♂️ Not a blue blood in basketball and far from football. Expectations are to high.

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The Great Disappointment Bowl? I’m sure a majority of the OSU fans can hardly wait. This is what OSU fan has been dreaming about.


both conference games so far were soooo winnable. Hit the free throws and we win. And today, to start the 2nd half, this horrible shooting team was settling for jacking up horrible 3 balls (and of course missing).
If we were getting blown out or thoroughly dominated, then yeah - the sky would be falling. But we’re not - For a team with no real “bigs”, we’re playing pretty well and hanging with a ranked team on the road.


My biggest issue is that coming out after halftime…the team shoots i believe 5 straight three pointers. Misses them all. Thats poor coaching. This team takes bad, contested 3 pointers and he does nothing. We had a lead going into halftime b/c we weren’t shooting many 3’s and then that all changes the start of the 2nd half. Poor Coaching.
Its time to start pulling kids that take those bad 3 point shots. Make them go to the basket. Its our strength.

I know how to fix poor 3 pt shooting, tell them to stop shooting them.

Well if you remember, this is the same offense brad Underwood ran. It’s volume shooting. If your open then shoot it because an open shot is a good shot.

Just need better shooting